Friday, April 03, 2020

PR: Beyond Comics Live Auction - Saturday, April 4 at 9:30am

Beyond Comics
Saturday, April 4th
9:30am to 12noon
(Or when everything is gone)

Auction Items!
These are comic book sets

Issue Numbers are as shown below

All comics are in VF to NM condition

Auction Prices Do Not Include Shipping

Shipping will be USPS Parcel Select:
In state: $9 : Out of State $15

All Payments go through PayPal to
Credit Cards accepted through Facebook Messenger.
Title Issues Publisher
Batman '66                                      1-30    plus The Lost Episode One-Shot    DC
Batman: The Cult                             1-4                                                                DC
Black Orchid                                    1-3                                                                DC
Black Widow (2016)                         1-12                                                              Marvel
Camelot 3000                                  1-12                                                             DC
Civil War Michael Cho Variants     1-7                      SET                                Marvel
Civil War II                                       1-8                      SET                                Marvel
Civil War II: Choosing Sides            1-6                      SET                                Marvel
Civil War II: Gods of War                 1-4                       SET                                Marvel
Civil War II: Kingpin                         1-4                      SET                                Marvel
Civil War II: Ulysses                         1-3                       SET                                Marvel
Civil War II: X-Men                          1-4                       SET                                Marvel
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear    1-5                                                                Marvel
Doom 2099                                      1-13                                                              Marvel
Eternals (2008)                                1-5                                                                Marvel
Fatale (#1 - both covers)                 1-24                                                              Image 
Hellraiser                                         1-12, Ann. 1                                                 Boom
Judge Dredd                                    1-17                                                              Eagle
Marvel Comics Presents Weapon X    72-84                                                            Marvel
New Avengers (2010)                       1-30, 16.1, Ann.                                          Marvel
Spider-Man 2099                             1-21                                                              Marvel
Star Trek                                         1-18                                                              Marvel
Strikeforce Morituri                          1-15                                                              Marvel
Strontium Dog                                  1-24                                                              Quality
Supreme Power (#1 Special Edition) 1-18                     SET                                Marvel
Supreme Power: Hyperion   1-5                                    SET                                Marvel
Supreme Power: Nighthawk  1-6                                SET                                Marvel
Thanos Rising                                  1-5                                                                Marvel
The Spectre (80's series)                 1-20                                                              DC
The Vision & the Scarlet Witch        1-12                                                              Marvel
Ultimate X-Men                                1-12                                                              Marvel
What If… (1989)                              1-20                                                              Marvel
X-Men: Deadly Genesis                   1-6                                                               Marvel
Young X-Men                                   1-12                                                              Marvel
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