Sunday, April 19, 2020

Barbara Dale's coronavirus cartoons

Baltimore cartoonist Barbara Dale did a couple of cartoons about COVID-19 on Facebook, and then put them on Zazzle and is selling prints of them. I asked her to say something about them for us.

I've worn the same red robe for three weeks. I no longer believe in underwear. My hair is reminding me that I'm old. It's hard to breathe through a mask. Disinfecting the mail is ridiculous, but I've done it. Clutching chocolate is a comfort.

I feel still, isolated, sad and only temporarily safe inside my four walls, while outside the numbers of dying continue to grow. I put Trump on top, all a flutter, to contrast the stillness of the bottom part of the poster. He's cruelty manic, pointing at everybody but himself to blame. A whirling dervish. 

I think the bottom part of the poster, with the person inside the house surrounded by dead, is a good image unto itself and I'll explore that further. 

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