Saturday, June 15, 2019

PR: Exclusive Jim Lee Batman / Star Wars art / Disney cel art from ArtInsights

Summer at ArtInsights Gallery
New Jim Lee Batman, Disney production, & Star Wars art,
perfect for Father's Day, or every day!
New official original Star Wars art by William Silvers




(we will ship internationally, but need to price it on a case by case basis.)

Fans will love "Hush" more than even "Kissing the Knight"!

Catwoman is Purrrrfect!

Taken from the cover of Batman Hush: 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. ArtInsights has the worldwide exclusive premiere of this gorgeous, evocative image, signed by Jim Lee. We got these exclusives in celebration of our gallery update, but it comes just in time for the summer blockbusters and San Diego Comic-Con!
Batman: Detective 1000 in a fine art limited edition!
Jim Lee's iconic image for Batman's anniversary is available in a signed giclee
in both paper and canvas editions, signed by the artist.
Such great original production art here at the gallery right now. Here's just a little sampling...

All the cel art is in original condition and unrestored, and we also have some lovely model sheets and original concept drawings that might strike your fancy!

Come check our updated gallery in Reston Town Center, where we have a lot of gorgeous original art by John Alvin on display, including art used in the making of
Since it's June, maybe you want to give your love a reminder that you chose well. "Soulmates" by Andrea Alvin captures love sweet love
in this original painting created as official Disney fine art.
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