Monday, September 25, 2017

Library of Congress Magazine (Sept - Oct 2017) is all comics

Online at it features librarians Megan Halsband and Sara Duke as well as these articles:

Curator's Picks: Wondrous Women Of Comics; Serials Reference Specialist Megan Halsband Shares A Few Of Her Favorites From The Library's Collection Of Some 140,000 Comic Books.

LCM (September - October): 4-5.

Expert's Corner: Stroke Of Pen, Brush Of Ink; Curator Of Popular And Applied Graphic

Art Sara Duke Explains How Original Art In Comics Offers Behind-The-Scenes Insight Into The Thinking And Collaboration That Go Into Creating Comics For Publication.

LCM (September - October): 6.

The Greatest Comic Book Villain? How  A  Mild-Mannered  Psychiatrist  Concerned  With  The  Welfare Of Children Nearly Destroyed The American Comic Book Industry In The 1950s.

By John Sayers

LCM (September - October): 8-9.

Presidents,  Rock Stars & Other Heroes: Real People In Comics

By Wendi A. Maloney

LCM (September - October): 10-13.

The American Way: How Comic Books Reflect Our Culture; The Library's Vast Trove Of Comic Books

Exposes A Unique And Revealing History Of American Popular Culture.

By Mark Hartsell

LCM (September - October): 14-19.

Collecting Web Comics And Culture: Two New Online Collections Capture Contemporary Culture As It Is Currently Consumed, Via The Web.

By Mark Hartsell

LCM (September - October): 22-23.


Contemporary  Graphic Gifts: Through An Agreement With The Small Press Expo, The Library Collects And Preserves Independent Comics And Cartoon Art.

Megan Halsband

LCM (September - October): 27.

She Had Come Because Of A Comic Book. She Left Stirred By The Words Of An American Hero [John Lewis and March].

Michael Cavna

LCM (September - October): 28.

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