Thursday, June 04, 2015

Reply All Lite followup

I checked in with Amy Lago of the Washington Post Writers Group syndicate about Reply All Lite, after asking creator Donna Lewis about it the other day.

She says, "Lite has more of an online presence at this point.  The only place it's running in print is the Washington Post.  Panels are notoriously harder to sell (because papers tend to run fewer), so that's no surprise.  Our thought at the Writers Group was that Donna was creating them anyway, so why not try to syndicate them?  And judging by their popularity online, it was the right move.  I'm just not sure printed papers will catch on, though I'm thrilled the Post likes them."

Amy also says "I can't think of anyone else who's done two different versions of the same strip at the same time either," but D Heine has suggested Joe Martin's Mr. Boffo.

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