Thursday, June 18, 2015

New book from Nick Galifianakis?

Nick Galifianakis usually lets me know when he's got a new project, so I was surprised to have a new book of his pointed out to me:

I asked Nick about it, and he replied, "Bridget is Katharine Weymouth's youngest daughter.  Bridget (I call her Bridgey Boo) had a very serious accident, one that almost resulted in her losing her arm.  I've always been close to Katherine's children so I visited Bridget almost daily during her long hospital stay of multiple surgeries and endless treatment.  She was in tremendous pain so I did my best to distract her by doing quick drawings at her bedside.  Sometimes she would draw a squiggle and challenge me to make something from it.  Other drawings were simply dashed off in the moment and yet others were more refined - whatever it took to make her smile that day.

"Later on, her mother, Katharine Weymouth, collected the drawings, all of which I left with Bridget, and created this book by pairing my crazy pictures with a story Bridget's wrote about her her experience.  The proceeds go to charity.  Beyond being brave and tough that's rare in a child that age, she's also easily my most adorable coauthor."

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