Saturday, March 14, 2015

Local cartoonists at Smudge Expo in Arlington

Smudge is still going on for 3 hours, but here's some local cartoonists who are there (Jason Axtell, Andrew Cohen, Matt Dembicki, Shawn Padraic Murphy, Jason Rodriguez, Teresa Logan and Joe Sutliff are too, but not pictured). Hopefully if you missed Smudge, you can catch many of these creators at Awesome Con in May.

Jared Smith of Retrofit / Big Planet Comics

Gordon Harris

Cole Goco

Sticky Comics by Christiann MacAuley

Sticky Comics by Christiann MacAuley (with her sister Sheridan)

Jim 8Ball and Last Dollar Comics (out of NY)

Two Cul de Sac drawings by Terry Flippo on the back of his Axel and Alex minicomic.
(He'll be doing a drawing for Team Cul de Sac to auction)
Terry Flippo

Diego Quintanilla 

Even Keeling and his new punk rock comic

Rafer Roberts and his new issue of Plastic Farm

Michael Auger

Carolyn Belefksi and Joe Carabeo of Curls Studio

Michael Cowgill

Robin Ha (who is sharper in real life)

Oliver Mertz and Mike Isenberg of First Law of Mad Science

John Gallagher of Buzzboy

Emily R. Gillis

Michael Brace

Santiago Casares

Kata Kane (of Baltimore)

Chris Artiga-Oliver (standing) and son

Chris Flick of Capes & Babes

Liz and Jimmy Reed, aka Cuddles and Rage

Tina Henry, Smudge co-creator
Dan Nokes

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