Monday, October 13, 2014

Procopio and Galifianakis get animated at International Monetary Fund

In August, Joe told us, "One of the cool projects I got to work on was my first comic. I had the exciting opportunity to write and art direct the attached seven-page history of the IMF in comic strip form with the talented Nick Galifianakis. It is appearing in the special 70th anniversary issue of "F&D Magazine" published quarterly by the IMF. It was a thrill working so closely with my friend Nick and getting to try my hand at producing something in a medium I'm obviously passionate about. Hope you enjoy it..."

He followed that up with me recently, noting "The comic was originally printed as a feature in its quarterly magazine "Finance & Development," but it was well received and the IMF decided to print it as a stand-alone comic to distribute at its annual meetings.

That was certainly gratifying, but it also led to another first for me: The comic has now been adapted and produced as an animated video. I got to participate in everything from auditioning and coaching voice actors to shaping the score to weighing in on the editing of rough cuts. The animators did a cool job working with my script and Nick Galifianakis' art, and it was a challenge and a pleasure for me to think about storytelling in new mediums, first in comics and then in an animated short."

See it here:

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