Thursday, October 09, 2014

Oct 31: Halloween at Fantom Comics

Rafer Roberts launches his new book, Nightmare the Rat; come for the signing, stay for all the EVENTS

While 2-5pm on Halloween is kid time at Fantom Comics (, from 5-9pm Fantom is opening up to a wider, all ages audience. Think Free Comic Book Day in October!

5-9pm Rafer Roberts (of Tiger Lawyer fame) will be launching his new book at Fantom Comics! Nightmare the Rat looks scaaarrry, so he picked his day well.

5-9pm Raffles! Rafer & Raffles, we should have called this party. We'll be raffling off books and gift cards throughout the evening. And remember, like life, you can't win if you don't show up!

5-7pm The Geek Balloonist fun continues! You didn't think we were going to just let the kids have all the fun, did you?! The GB can create up to 200 different balloon designs of almost any geek-related subject you can come up with!

5-6pm The Face Painting & Henna session begun at the kids party continues on til 6pm.

6:30pm What's almost as much fun as comics? If you said "Donut Eating Contest" then you're very wise. Challenge yourself and others in the soon-to-be Olympic sport of eating a donut hanging from string with your hands behind your back. What fun!

6:30-8pm Our friends from the Molotov Theatre Group will be setting up a staged murder scene for those of you looking for the perfect holiday card picture! (we can't stress staged enough here, people). Makeup and props will be on-hand for those brave enough to insert themselves into this golden photo opportunity.

And then 9pm comes around and the Fantom After Hour party starts. Awww yeaaaahhh. Details to come tomorrow.

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