Monday, April 21, 2014

Eric's Awesome Con Pics, a guest post

My name is Eric and I have been shooting amateur photography for over six years off and on. I normally shoot up in Columbia Height, DC is a private studio (really really small). I completely agree with the the creator of Awesome Con that the DC area has been under served by comic book conventions so in my own little way I hope this support the hometown convention.

I am hoping to make contact with the various convention cosplay attendees so that I can email back their image(s). I snapped approximately 1200 images at the convention and now I am editing it down to one image per cosplayer to post to DeviantArt and Flickr. If you are a cosplayer that would like their respective image emailed to them (or really anything else people would like to communicate about such as Photoshop talk or setting up a shoot) then the best way to contact me is through my email (

Below were Friday's Cosplayers (better quality images are at my DeviantArt site).

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