Thursday, June 13, 2013

PR: Father's day at ArtInsight's 'Marvel vs DC' show


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Celebrate Father's Day and 75th Anniversary of Superman with
"Dad of Steel" Contest and "MARVEL VS. DC" Open House
at ArtInsights in Reston Town Center
Superman's biological and adoptive fathers are both super dads – what about yours?

Reston, VA - ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery will commemorate Superman's 75th anniversary and Father's Day with an open house at their new Marvel vs. DC art show and a Dad of Steel contest on Saturday, June 15. From 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., everyone is invited to come in to ArtInsights and write about what makes their dad "super", and the best response will win a piece of superhero art. Contestants will fill out a form and the winner will be contacted by the end of the day. Every dad who visits ArtInsights during the Dad of Steel event will receive a small gift for building a new generation of super-kids. This event is part of the Marvel vs. DC gallery exhibit, which includes originals and limited editions by the leading creators of official fine art images for Marvel and DC comics: Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Gabriele Dell Otto, and Simone Bianchi. This special art exhibit and sale runs until July 7 at ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, 11921 Freedom Drive, Reston, VA, at Reston Town Center. For more information, call 703-478-0778.

"I love the timing of the anniversary of Superman's adoption coinciding with Father's Day because both of Superman's fathers are so important – and how perfect that Man of Steel is coming to theaters right in time, too," says ArtInsights owner Leslie Combemale. The opening party of Marvel vs. DC on Friday, June 7, was attended by hundreds of fans and collectors who appreciated the many exclusive hand-signed limited editions, some of which also included Stan Lee's signature. "The passion of these comic art fans is like that of no other group," says ArtInsights co-owner Michael Barry. "They know every character and every story, and they appreciate the art more than anyone else we ever see here in the gallery." ArtInsights also carries Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other film images, exhibiting from animation cels to giclee prints to original artwork. This is the first exhibit on this scale curated at the gallery.

ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, established in 1994, is a privately owned gallery located just outside of DC at Reston Town Center, in Virginia. The gallery presents the most important works of art from the 20th and 21st century film art genre, including original art from the masters of film and moving entertainment. From film campaign artists to matte painters, from concept and layout artists to animators, ArtInsights represents the giants of film art history. With over 30 years experience, the owners work with their worldwide collector base to build and insure the integrity of their collections. They sell rare images used in production as well as original commissions which are often used to create official limited editions.  ArtInsights exclusively represents the original art of John Alvin, Ciara McAvoy, Casey Robin, James Goodridge, and Ben Curtis Jones, and also exhibits Tim Rogerson, Jim Salvati, Mike Kungl, Chuck Jones, Christian Waggoner, Steve Chorney, Mary Grandpre and and many other artists made famous by their work for the major Hollywood studios. Featured studios include Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, and 20th Century Fox, in a display of images from the best classic movies and animated features of the last 100 years as well as newer classics like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Star Trek. ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, 11921 Freedom Drive, Reston, VA, at Reston Town Center. For more information, call 703-478-0778, and visit

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