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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - January 12, 2012

Big Planet Comics

January 12, 2012

Polls and Sales!

Voting is open on 4 of 9 categories for the Best of 2011, the rest will be up over the next few weeks. Click the links below to add your voice:
Best New Series
Best Reprint
Best Artist
Best Miniseries
Best for Kids
Best Single Issue
Best Writer
Best Ongoing Series
Best Graphic Novel

We finished our Best of 2011 podcast, so you can download or listen to that one now if you want to hear which ones we picked!

We are also running sales throughout the month of January!
Bethesda is offering 30% off hardcovers this week.
College Park is offering 50% off all back issues in the bins and 50% off anything on the sale table.
U Street is offering 30% off hardcovers this week.
Vienna is offering 30% off hardcovers this week and 40% off all Essentials and Showcases.

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- the Big Planet Comics kids

Spera 1 HC

by Josh Tierney, art Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei, Emily Carroll, Olivier Pichard, Jordyn Bochon, C├ęcile Brun, Luke Pearson, Leela Wagner, Matt Marblo

Two princesses from neighboring kingdoms find out their parents are planning to go to war, so they both escape together. The tomboyish Pira brings along her shape-shifting friend Yonder and all three set out on an adventure to reach the mystical realm of Spera. Each chapter is drawn by a different artist, and each one is amazing! A great selection of art and fun adventure against the threat to their kingdoms and their lives.

Scarlet Spider #1

by Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman

An issue with extra pages follows Kaine as he leaves New York City to find himself after Spider Island, heading to Houston where he gets involved with a human trafficking ring. When this opportunity to become a hero presents itself, he must decide how much of his own man he is and what he wishes to become.

Whispers #1

by Joshua Luna

One of the Luna Brothers breaks off on his own to tell the tale of a selfish man with OCD who suddenly discovers that he can leave his body and travel as a spirit to his friends and family. This power allows him to manipulate their choices, will he develop his powers or attempt to meddle too much in their lives? Great art similar to their mutual art style but a nice different look.

Invincible 15: Get Smart SC

by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

After the carnage and amazing decisions at the end of the Viltrumite War, Invincible begins to question whether always fighting his battles physically is the best solution to facing a problem. Soon he makes another choice that sets him on a collision path with many of his friends.

Big Planet Comics Podcast #29

We're back! In this week's podcast Kevin, Nick and Jared review an old X-Men classic, and all the new stuff. Download this week's now or subscribe on iTunes! Send us questions to
Amazing Spider-Man #677
by Mark Waid and Emma Rios

The first part of a crossover with Daredevil starring the Black Cat!

Batman: Through The Looking Glass HC
by Bruce Jones and Sam Keith

Batman is drugged and sent on an Alice in Wonderland quest.

Dark Matter #1 (Of 4)
by Joseph Mallozzi/ Paul Mullie and Garry Brown

Strangers with amnesia wake up on a spaceship.

Gangsta Rap Posse #2
by Benjamin Marra

Violent and offensive satire of early '90s thug life culture.

Jim Henson's Dark Crystal 1: Creation Myths HC
by Brian Holguin and Alex Sheikman/Lizzy John

A prequel to the movie before the arrival of the Skeksis!

Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #1
by Mike Mignola/John Arcudi and Tonci Zonjic

Lobster Johnson takes on the mob and ghost Indians.

Lords of Death and Life SC
by Jonathon Dalton

A Mayan journeys to solve the mystic dreams he receives from the gods.

Monster Mess HC
by Louis Trondheim

Two kids draw a nice monster that comes to life.
(all ages)

Mystic: Tenth Apprentice SC
by G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez

Two orphan girls try to join the school for magic.
(all ages)

The Ray #2 (Of 4)
by Justin Gray/Jimmy Palmiotti and Jamal Igle

Lucian comes up with a terrible idea to impress his girlfriend's parents.

Smurfs: The Return of Smurfette SC
by Peyo and Yvan Delporte

Smurfette announces she wants to get married, turning the village upside down!
(all ages)

Steve Ditko Omnibus 2 HC
by Steve Ditko and others

Nearly 400 pages of classic tales by the master!

Transformers: More Than Meets Eye #1
by James Roberts and Nick Roche

A group of Transformers vote to leave Cybertron.

Wolverine #300
by Jason Aaron and Andy Kubert, Ron Garney, Steve Sanders

Wolverine heads back to Japan in this long issue.

X-Men Legacy #260.1
by Christos Gage and David Baldeon

The teachers attempt to protect the school without worrying the students.

Young Justice 1 SC
by Kevin Hopps and Mike Norton

The young team takes on the Joker!
(all ages)

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