Sunday, September 11, 2011

SPX day one impressions

But first - an ad. I'll be speaking to Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes at 2:30. Stop in and hear us and interrupt with questions.

Wow, SPX was the busiest I've ever seen. Wear light clothing, because it got hot in the exhibit floor.

Prints I liked and bought - Jason Little's Bee poster, Roger Langridge's Snarked print, Brooke Allen's print at the NBM table, Sara Varon's book launch poster, Joe Gill's 2 Little Nemo parody prints, and CCCS' annual ICAF poster.

Books by friends bought - Keith Knight, Roger Langridge and Jennifer Hayden's new books. Anything that DC Conspiracy has out that's new since the last time I've seen them.

One that got away - Charles Vess art page of Jeff Smith's Rose at the CBLDF auction. Couldn't figure out how to explain that one at home.

Roger Langridge

Alexis Fajardo

Roz Chast

Chester Brown

Jennifer Hayden

Sara Varon

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