Monday, June 20, 2011

Comic Book Diner: Fun & Funny Graphic Novel Boxed Set fails at Kickstarter

Local cartoonist John Gallagher's Comic Book Diner fundraiser at Kickstarter failed today, but John hopes to resubmit it and is asking the following questions:

So a few final questions, based upon all the great feedback you gave in the last round of "Backer Suggestion Box Theater"...

1. The box is a costly part of this set-- but what if, instead of a box, we offered hardcover versions in place of the boxed set? You see, our printer has noodled out some ideas on bringing costs down, and the customization of the box was a big issue-- but taking say, just 500 of each run and making them hardcover, could increase the longetivity and value, for less than the box costs.

2. Some have suggested increasing the # of cameos for additional funding-- what do you think? Should we make a special scene in the Buzzboy Diner, or at the Roboyland park, where friends and family who back us for $100 appear?

3. If we resubmitted in a few days, or weeks-- would you back us? And what else might you suggest?

We really do appreciate everybody's comments-- and to our early backers, we thank you.

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Tim Demeter said...

Just get it in front of as many folk as possible. I love Buzzboy and sadly just heard about this now...

Encourage backers to tweet, blog, Facebook, whatever about the drive.