Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comic Book Diner Kickstarter plea

I've put my money in - Mike

Okay folks we are down to the wire-- we have begged, pleaded, marketed, e-mailed, called friends,. family-- but I guess I goofed up. Jamar, Rich and I were told for years that there weren't enough kids graphic novels out there-- fun, funny, something that makes kids excited to read.  Was I wrong? Maybe everyone is all full up?

We just haven't done a good job of making our case. So here is the message I am sending out to everyone-- librarians, teachers, friends, etc., basically reminding folks of what we have done for others, and now we need help.

Librarians, Educators, Friends, Family, Lovers of literacy and creativity,

My name is John Gallagher, creator of the Buzzboy comics and I'm asking for your help in funding the "Comic Book Diner Project", a 3 book set of all-ages Graphic Novels, by Rich Faber, Jamar Nicholas, and me. Each book is 96 pages, full color, and full of comic stories, how-to's and drawing tutorials. Buzzboy, Roboy Red, and Leon: Protector of the Playground are the three books, and we are trying to pre-fund them through Kickstarter.Com-- all you need is an Amazon account to sign up, but we also have other ways of helping organizations buy the books, at an educational discount.  Buzzboy is the world's coolest super sidekick. Roboy Red is the tale of a runaway robot. And Leon is about the world's first latch key superhero. Together they make up almost 300 pages of action fun, and fantasy for an all-ages audience.  

We think that by selling these books together (and in a collector's box set), we are helping young people create the beginnings of a graphic Novel library within their own home. If you or a friend are a retailer or educator, we have a special way to order the books to get the proper discount (just e-mail me at, and upon proof of organization, we can apply the discount)

You can see the type of fun comics we create by visiting our Comic Book Diner website (, and I hope you will see in the art our dedication to young people in creating entertaining stories that are fun to read.

Just a few things about us:

I am a co-founder of Kids Love Comics, an organization helping promote all-ages comics-- we have exhibited at several conventions and book festivals over the last 8 years, including ALA, BEA, San Diego Comic-Con, ALA Book Festival, and more.

Through Sky-Dog Comics, I published More Fund, and Even More Fund, raising over $30,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Rich edited, and all three of us contributed time, art and stories.

Rich and I published "Drawing Strength" a benefit sketch book for Hurricane Katrina victims, raising $4000 in one weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con. I also sent 1000 Buzzboy comics out to New Orleans book donation programs, all on my own dime.

Jamar is an educator and motivational speaker, encouraging inner city kids to reach high and be creative. He was handpicked by Geoffrey Canada to adapt "Fist, Stick, Knife Gun" as a graphic novel, telling the tale of Canada's ascension out of Harlem.

Rich and I have spoken at over 100 schools and libraries between us, all with a focus on promoting the magic of Comics and Reading. 

We have also both taught cartooning classes at Moore College and Susquehanna University. 

Jamar currently teaches cartooning at Arcadia University.

We really love creating comics for all ages, and intend to move forward no matter what-- but this funding will help us to get the books in the hands even quicker. So please go to for $40, you get a three book set, with sketches and signed by the Comic Book Diner Team. Back us for $50 and get the set in a limited edition collectors box. There are other rewards, offering free art and even cameos in the books. Please check it out, and thanks for your consideration.



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Great project! Posted on FB (after contributing). LOVE kids' projects!!