Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are YOU Going to Baltimore Comic-Con This Weekend?

I am! I know Mike and family (or at least daughter) are. Chris Shields from cIndy Center is. Joel Pollack from Big Planet Comics will be there on Sunday. Local yokels John K. Snyder III and Pop Mhan will be guests, and Jo Chen will be there (but not as an exhibitor at the show -- just socializing!).

I actually am part of Baltimore Comic-Con's Executive Staff, maintaining their MySpace and ComicSpace webpages, creating and issuing press releases, and a bevy of other random acts of miscellania. I'll probably be wearing a Staff shirt at the show, but it'll have my over-loaded backpack over it, as I intend to attend for my own entertainment. You may see me working before doors open both days as well, so if you do, say "hi." If you don't know if it's me, ask!

I'll have my "Anything Marvel" and "Least Expected" sketchbooks with me in the hopes of filling them up, which you're welcomed to peruse while they're not in use!

I have no gauge who all looks at this blog (maybe Mike does!), so if you're going, post a Comment and let us know! I'll (hopefully) see you there!



Mike Rhode said...

I'll be there on Saturday, and will have Richard Thompson with me as well as our respective daughters. Stop either of us to buy a copy of Cul de Sac or Harvey Pekar.

Mike Rhode said...

Oh, and I have no idea who reads this either.