Saturday, December 22, 2012

Canva does Steinberg

In today's Washington Post.

The Post on Disney World’s New Fantasyland

Disney World's New Fantasyland, appealing to the royalty in everyone
By Becky Krystal,
Washington Post December 23 2012

KAL covers the Sun UPDATED


From: Kevin Kallaugher

... in what I think is a first... Sunday's Baltimore Sun will feature my cartoon on the front page of A1.... the ENTIRE front page. - Click thru for the key and text

Two drawings by Ben Hatke

101_4800  Ben Hatke

Ben Hatke's autograph and drawing in the Hatke Family Chronicles volumes.

101_4799 Ben Hatke

Beyond Comics Holiday Sale!

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Beyond Comics | Gaithersburg Square | 18749 B. North Frederick Rd | Gaithersburg | MD | 20879

Today: Meet Brian Posehn (Deadpool, Sarah Silverman Show) at Third Eye Comics!


November to Remember VIP Pass Holders Enter at 10AM
First 40 In Line Receive A Special FREE Gift.
Happy Holidays, Third Eye Faithful!

Ho Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap, BRIAN POSEHN'S COMING TO THIRD EYE!! It's here, Third Eye Faithful, our special present to you: the biggest Third Eye in-store signing yet, with comedian and DEADPOOL writer BRIAN POSEHN. 
This is such a crazy exciting thing for me, I can barely sit still while typing this, and not just 'cause I'm almost through my first pot of coffee for the day. 
We've been huge fans of Brian's here at the shop for a long time, I mean, c'mon a comedian who touches on two of our biggest loves? Comics and metal? So, with the date nearing, we're even more stoked to get to share this awesomeness with you guys. 

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: you guys are what keep us rolling, and YOU are why we are one of the best comic book stores in the world. We wanted to do something awesome for you guys this year, and when the opportunity arose to have Brian in for a signing, we knew we had to make it happen.

This is our last signing of the year, Third Eye Faithful, and we intend to make it a big one. We're looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, and we're well prepared for what we know will be a very busy day.

First off: we will have both registers running, and have a full staff on hand. There'll be at least 7 Third Eye team-members making sure you get helped out.

We also will be handling the line a little more efficiently, to ensure that you guys have plenty of breathing room to shop and have fun while you wait your chance to meet Brian.

We've got a whole rundown below about Brian's work on DEADPOOL, his fantastic Zombie Christmas comic LAST CHRISTMAS, and more!
MARVEL NOW: DEADPOOL! Get Issues 1-3 This Weekend & Have Them Signed By Brian Posehn!
Make Sure To Get Your THIRD EYE COMICS variant!
Third Eye Faithful, while we know there's a ton of you who already got your DEADPOOL issues #1-3 (and of course, the Third Eye variant) to get signed by Brian, we gotta tell those of you who haven't yet: you have to read the new DEADPOOL!
I mean, this book is fantastic, and in our opinion, this is THE best DEADPOOL we've read since the late '90s JOE KELLY run that's now available in the pages of DEADPOOL CLASSIC. 
Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn deliver a legitimately funny, off-the-wall take on the Merc with a Mouth that doesn't shy away from the disturbing nature of the character, and artist Tony Moore (WALKING DEAD) completely wows with the gorgeous, macabre artwork that brings Wade's world to life. 
Heck, they've even got Geoff Darrow doing the covers on this one. Geoff freakin' Darrow -- how awesome is that? 
But seriously, the first 3 issues of this new run, which feature the Merc with a Mouth getting enlisted to put down a legion of zombified U.S presidents has us hooked. Awesome Marvel guest-stars like Doctor Strange. Awesome moments like President Ford yelling Fiddlesticks. Awesome moments like Deadpool carving his way out of a giant monster's belly. I mean, how can you go wrong?
We've got plenty of copies of DEADPOOL 1-3 in stock and available now to get you caught up to speed this Saturday at the signing. 
Make sure to snag yourself a copy of our THIRD EYE variant of DEADPOOL #1, which we're definitely running through quickly. This exclusive cover was done for us by Third Eye favorite, LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE artist TRADD MOORE, and features DEADPOOL blasting a path through our little blue mascot guys.. but severely mutated into giant monster things. We love it!
Before Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn paired up on DEADPOOL, the two worked with FEAR AGENT / UNCANNY AVENGERS / CAPTAIN AMERICA writer RICK REMENDER to serve up the total awesomeness that is THE LAST CHRISTMAS.
After the apocalypse -- humanity is without hope: until Santa is pulled from the North Pole and spurred into action. Santa, his elves, and Gary the Snowman take on zombies and Mad Max-style marauders for the fate of a good little boy. 
Want something a little more fun to read to the kids on Christmas Eve? 
Last Christmas is the book to get. Snag yourself a copy this Saturday, and get Brian to sign it for you!

Be One Of The First 40 In Line
Get a Very Special Free Gift + A FREE Third Eye Comics 
Third Eye Faithful, we are totally stoked about this signing, and we know there's going to be a bunch of you guys lining up early, heck, even camping out, so we wanted to do something fun to make your wait even more worth it. 

We're going to be giving a very special DEADPOOL free gift to the first 40 folks in line, in addition to a FREE Third Eye Comics t-shirt. 

So, make sure you get here early, so you can get hooked up on some fun swag before the doors open for our signing.

Line-up as early as you like, but we will begin handing out the numbered first 40 tickets for the prize giveaway at 7:30AM to those of you who're lined up. 
Okay, Third Eye Faithful, this is definitely one of the biggest signings that's come to Third Eye, and because of that, we're doing everything we can to make sure everyone gets a chance to have fun and meet Brian Posehn. 

So, we've got just a small handful of things for the signing, 'cause we know it's going to be a busy one, and we want to make sure everyone gets to have fun.

  • Limit of up to 5 items COMIC-related (DEADPOOL / LAST CHRISTMAS) that Brian has worked on per person.
  • Limit of 1 item that is NON-Comic Related (i.e DVDs of his stand-up, movies he's been in, etc.)
  • For NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER Pass Holders: you must have your NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER card with the stamps on you at the signing. If there has been an issue with your card, please get in touch with us at the store before the signing this week so we can fix it. We cannot admit you 1 hour early without the card.
  • The line will be capped at 300 for general admission. We may be able to let more in if time allows, but this is just to ensure that everyone gets to have fun and meet Brian. I do not expect to hit capacity on the line.
  • You may begin lining up as early as you like. We will be giving numbered tickets out to the first 40 in line beginning at 7:30AM.
On our end, we will have a full staff working this signing, so there'll be plenty of Third Eye team members on hand to make sure you get helped out, and get to have fun. 

We've also worked very hard to layout a good line-flow set-up to keep the store from getting crowded, so that you're still able to shop and have fun. 

We can't wait to see you all this weekend, it's going to be a real blast!

Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK.
All right, Third Eye Faithful, I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend my holiday than with all of you guys. You are our family, and we really hope to see you guys come out for this awesome event this weekend. We promise: it's going to be so much fun, heck, this is going to be historic! :)

Third Eye Comics | 2027A WEST ST. | Annapolis | MD | 21401

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol on tv on Sat night

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol is on tv on NBC at 8 pm on Saturday night, returning to primetime network television for the first time since 1967, reports this article which you can read in the facsimile edition on their website.
McDonough, Kevin / Universal Uclick.  2012.

Christmas With a Crank: NBC dusts off a 1962 'Mister Magoo' special for a prime-time airing.

[Washington Post] Express (December 21)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New webcomics from Dan Nokes from 21st Century Sandshark Studios

This is Dan Nokes from 21st Century Sandshark Studios!   I was writing because I have 2 new webcomics I just put out!  

The first is a sequel from my first book I did back in 2002.  Its called THE REPTILE AND MISTER AMAZING: THE RETURN OF KAT CARSON.  Like I said its a sequel the first book and takes place 20 years after the events of the first. 

Here's a link to the first book which I released online I suggest that you read that before Kat Carson to give you a feel for the story -

The second webcomic is called IMPOSSIBLE SPACE TALES OF THE LAST PIT STOP:  This is more of a sci-fi comedy that asks: WHAT IF AREA 51 were in fact a convenience store for aliens!

Here's the link to SPACE TALES!

Our local anarchist MikeFlugennock's latest cartoon

posted as received...

From: mike flugennock
Date: Thu, Dec 20, 2012
Subject: Latest'n'Greatest: "Hey, Liberals! Ready For Inauguration Day?"

Hey, Liberals! Ready for Inauguration Day?

Well, there's another Inauguration Day coming up soon, and that means upwards of a million of you poor, deluded clowns will be infesting my home town for two or three days.

I just hope that the latest deal Obama's floating to keep us from going over the phony "fiscal cliff" doesn't throw any cold water on your festivities. You know which deal I'm talking about here: the one that keeps the tax cuts for the rich in place, and cuts Social Security benefits.

Yeah, that's right, your glorious hero has sold you all out again, but if I know you, you'll be bound and determined to not let it keep you from enjoying your big moment -- though it might be a good idea to start right away acquiring a taste for cat food:

"While some people have tried to foster a myth of the elderly as a high living population, the facts don't fit this story. The median income of people over age 65 is less than $20,000 a year. Nearly 70 percent of the elderly rely on Social Security benefits for more than half of their income and nearly 40 percent rely on Social Security for more than 90 percent of their income. These benefits average less than $15,000 a year.
--Dean Baker, "Is Obama About To Cut Social Security?", Institute for Public Accuracy, December 18, 2012

Still, I know this is an important day coming up for you, Liberal America, so by all means, have yourselves a time. Enjoy my home town. Enjoy the historic monuments. Enjoy the parties and balls. Enjoy celebrating four more years of Hope And Change.™

Choke on it.


at the Institute For Public Accuracy: "Is Obama About To Cut Social Security?"

at CounterPunch: "Obama's Just Another Chicago Player Throwing The Game"



"Though I could not caution all, I yet may warn a few:
 Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools!"

                                               --grateful dead.
Mike Flugennock, flugennock at sinkers dot org
Mike's Political Cartoons: dubya dubya dubya dot sinkers dot org

Ariail wins Berryman award reports Comic Riffs

POLITICAL CARTOONING: Robert Ariail is 'humbled' to win 2012 Berryman Award
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog December 19 2012

This is a local award given at the National Press Foundation here in DC.

Brad Meltzer's Decoded on TV tonight

From: Brad Meltzer (former DC-area comic book writer)

Just wanted to let you know that tonight is our big 2-hour Decoded special (filled with details of how the government is actually preparing for the end of the world (along with others who are a little too attached to their underground bunkers). In honor of it -- and to say thanks for watching -- here's the very first look at our new website:

And yes, you can see the new tour dates for the upcoming tour there...and read the first chapter of The Fifth Assassin, which comes out January 15th.

Oh, and the special tonight isn't called "Decoded."  It's called "2012: The End is Now." (9pm/8c on History).  So you have to reset your DVR if you want it to record.  Do know, though, if the world ends Friday, DVR-ing is pointless.

Thanks to all who have supported Decoded from the start.  No word on if we get season 3 yet, so hope the ratings are good tonight.  :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Comixology and comic strips deal revealed in Comic Riffs

EXCLUSIVE: The digital 'Doonesbury,' 'Dilbert' & 'Big Nate': Andrews McMeel and comiXology announce distribution deal
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog December 19 2012

The Post reviews Calvin & Hobbes

Bill Watterson's 'Complete Calvin and Hobbes': Four volumes of the comic strip
By Timothy R. Smith,
Washington Post December 19 2012

Big Planet Comics' New Year's Day Sale

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Alexa Polito

Library of Congress' Small Press Expo collection featured in new magazine

Duke, Sara and Megan Halsband.  2012.
Curator's Picks: Exposing Cartoon Art [Small Press Expo].
Library of Congress Magazine 1 (2; November/December): 7.