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Friday, May 14, 2010

May 16: Kids World Cinema - animation at the Goethe

Kids World Cinema: Films from Germany, Latvia and the UK
Sunday, May 16, 2-4 pm

Three children's films - The Magic Flute (Die kleine Zauberflöte), Bear Is Coming! (Karu Tuleb! Lacis Nak!), and Lost and Found - are followed by craft activities. Ages 6+. RSVP here.

The Magic Flute (Die kleine Zauberflöte)
Germany, 1997, DVD, 63 min., German with English subtitles, Director: Curt Linda
Over a period of four years, Curt Linda, champion of animated film, and his young team created a hand-drawn little treat of carefully created pictures animated onto imaginative backdrops.

Bear Is Coming! (Karu Tuleb! Lacis Nak!)
Latvia, 2008, DVD, 16 min., no dialogue, Director: Jānis Cimermanis
A brilliant short from festival favorite: a Latvian bear suddenly appears on a neighboring Estonian island and three young friends must get him back before he is captured by the hunter.

Lost And Found
UK, 2008, DVD, 24 min., English, Director: Philip Hunt
One person is lost, one person is found; which one is which? A beautiful animation narrated
by Jim Broadbent and inspired by the book by Oliver Jeffers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OT: Phil Jupitus' latest BBC interview

Jupitus, a British cartoonist turned comedian, has been interviewing cartoonists for the BBC. We've already linked to his Trudeau and Cartoonists with Attitude shows, so here's the October 21st interview with Russell Taylor and Charles Peattie about their British strip Alex which focuses on the financial world. Of the top of my head, I can't think of an American equivalent.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Political cartoonist Chris Riddell at Aladdin's Lamp

Here's some pictures from Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart's excellent talk at Aladdin's Lamp bookstore in Arlington, VA. I bought a set of all their books and I'm looking forward to reading them after my daughter's done with them. Riddell is a cartoonist for the Observer of London. He drew a neat werewolf from their new book Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf while Stewart showed some of the props they carried over from England.

The link above has more photos (and check out the "talk" link), but here's a quick assortment showing the werewolf being drawn.




and that's Our Man Thompson in the blue shirt. Riddle was very complimentary about the level of American comic strips compared to UK ones.


Here's a couple more articles on Riddell from my Comics Research Bibliography:

Interview with David Fickling, saviour of the great British comic; For those of a certain age, comics are but a fond childhood memory, irrelevant to today's generation - until now. Tom Gatti meets the man behind the movement
Times 5/10/2008

Interview with Edge Chronicles creators
Feb 4 2008 by Hilarie Stelfox, Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Drawn to the charms of an ogre: Chris Riddell celebrates the master storytelling on display in Claudia J Nahson's The Art of William Steig
Saturday March 15, 2008 The Guardian,,2265542,00.html

Riddell at the Observer,,2238638,00.html#article_continue
This announcement has 3 links, including one to an audio interview.

Drawn, quartered ... and now hung; As the Observer's political cartoonist for 13 years, Chris Riddell has chronicled a tumultuous period in history - the reshaping of
post-communist Europe, the rise of New Labour, 9/11 and the Iraq war. On the eve of an exhibition of his work, he talks to Phil Hogan about the inspiration and method behind his polemical art, and chooses some of his favourites
Sunday January 27, 2008
The Observer,,2247375,00.html

From fantasy to satire. Elspeth Hyams talks to Chris Riddell
Cilip 29 November 2005

Through the Looking Glass: Tenniel did it, and so did EH Shepard. Chris Riddell, who does it himself, explains why political cartoonists who illustrate children's books have always fascinated him
Saturday July 9, 2005 The Guardian,12084,1523520,00.html

Monday, September 08, 2008

UK Political cartoonist in town on Tuesday night

Meet Author Paul Stewart & Author/Illustrator Chris Riddell
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
at 6:00 p.m.

[I'll be attending this, with family - let me know if anyone wants to meet up - Mike]

English co-authors Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (who also is an illustrator) will introduce their newest book Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf, which tells the story of a young man who runs errands on the city rooftops, where he stumbles across strange mysteries and adventures. They also will talk about their other popular adventure and fantasy book series, including the Edge Chronicles and the Far Flung Adventures. A book signing will follow. Grades 4-8. Please call to register.

Mr. Stewart is a highly regarded author of books for young readers - everything from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror. His first book was published in 1988 and he has had over fifty titles published. Mr. Riddell has illustrated many acclaimed books for children and is a renowned political cartoonist, whose work appears regularly in UK newspapers the Observer and the Guardian.

Mr. Stewart and Mr. Riddell have collaborated on numerous books together including all the titles in the Edge Chronicles (Beyond the Deepwoods, Stormchaser, Midnight Over Sanctraphrax, The Curse of the Gloamglozer, The Last of the Sky Pirates, Vox, Freeglader, The Winter Knights and Clash of the Sky Galleons), as well as the books in the Far Flung Adventures (Fergus Crane, Hugo Pepper and Corby Flood).

Aladdin's Lamp Children's Books and Other Treasures
In the Lee Harrison Shopping Center
Lower Level Shops
2499 N. Harrison St.
Arlington, VA 22207
Tel 703-241-8281
Fax 703-241-8283
STORE HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10 am to 8 pm, Sunday 11 am to 5 pm