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Saturday, September 14, 2013

This is the best SPX ever

Of course, I say that every year. But this year, with 33% more space is really good. It continues tomorrow.

Here's some pictures.

The pre-opening line
Local cartoonist Mark Burrier
Local cartoonist Mark Burrier and his new comic
Connie Sun and 'Animals doing Yoga'
The Reeds and their new comic
The 'March' authors
Gordon Harris and his new minicomic
R.M. Rhodes
Anders Nilsen
Janet Hamlin, Guantanamo court artist
Carol Tyler
Jay Lynch
Jay Lynch and Frank Cammuso
R. Sikoryak
Kriota Willbert and R. Sikoryak
Peter Bagge
Rutu Modan
Brian Ralph
Rutu Modan

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cartoonists and others at Baltimore Comic Con.

The Con is the busiest and biggest that I've ever seen and continues through today. Labels to come later, but the name of the person is in the file name.

Dave McDonald
Frank Cammuso (who will be at SPX with Jay Lynch)Joe Carabeo and Carolyn BelefskiSteve ConleyDave Roman C DowdBarbara DaleTR Logan aka The Laughing RedheadJoe Sutliff
Kevin KAL KallaugherCarla Speed McNeilJK Snyder III and his Shadow coverRoger Langridge doing a Popeye sketchChris SchweitzerKen BaldDon RosaKevin KAL KallaugherJoshua Luna