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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Examiner's USA Weekend magazine on Watchmen

The Washington Examiner's USA Weekend Sunday magazine is on Watchmen. That's the free paper that's delivered to some homes in the area. They commissioned Dave Gibbons to make them a new poster too, as seen on the right. I just walked around my neighborhood in the snow picking up copies for the libraries I supply. The poster's interesting - Gibbons used features of the actors so it's a curious blend of the graphic novel and the movie.

FYE in Georgetown has some Watchmen giveaway material too, I'm told.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dave Gibbons on Comic Riffs

Like everyone else who wasn't busy interviewing Art Spiegelman on his book tour, Comic Riffs interviewed Dave Gibbons on his book tour - Betancourt, David. 2008. The Interview: "Watchmen's" Dave Gibbons. Washington Post Comic Riffs blog (November 20).

Unfortunately for all of you, I believe I bought Big Planet's last copy of Watching the Watchmen yesterday.