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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 1/5/2024

Over 135,000 Variants Added to Overstreet Access
Scoop January 5 2024


Ramona Fradon to Retire from Commission Work
Scoop January 5 2024


More Gossip On The Warner Bros. DC Comics That Never Were

Yesterday, we looked at Gail Simone's thwarted desire to incorporated the stories of Mortal Kombat into the DC Universe comics.

 04 Jan 2024  

by Rich Johnston


Gail Simone Could Have Written Mortal Kombat Into The DC Universe

Dan DiDio invited Gail Simone to look at a list of properties that WB owned, "many of which DC would have had the ability to adapt to comics."

 03 Jan 2024  

by Rich Johnston


RIP JOHN M. BURNS; Artist for 'Judge Dredd,' 'Nikolai Dante,' Other '2000AD' Titles

  Brigid Alverson on January 4, 2024


Marvel Publishes Jonathan Hickman's House Of X In Chronological Order

Marvel Unlimited, has put up a new version of the House Of X and Powers Of X comic from 2019, recut into chronological order.

 04 Jan 2024  

by Rich Johnston


Todd McFarlane Calls For Fan & Pro Cover Entries For #Spawnuary

Todd McFarlane is launching a new promotion this month called "Spawnuary" in which he challenges artists to submit speculative cover artwork

 04 Jan 2024  

by Rich Johnston


Jean-Marc Lofficier Challenges Marvel Over African Superhero Creators

Hexagon Comics USA continues to put back into print European comics, originally published by Jean-Marc Lofficier, translated into English.

 04 Jan 2024  

by Rich Johnston


'American Born Chinese' Canceled at Disney+

The comedy starring Ben Wang and featuring Michelle Yeoh and Daniel Wu will be shopped by producers.

Lesley Goldberg

January 5, 2024 


The Als of AI (Midjourney, AI Generator)

D. D. Degg


Tal Kantor's Oscar-Shortlisted 'Letter to a Pig' Makes Online Debut

By Mercedes Milligan

January 4, 2024


PBDS KIDS Ready to Introduce Young Viewers to 'Lyla in the Loop'

By Mercedes Milligan

January 4, 2024


Combo Studio Animates Trixie & Katya's Magically Glam Christmas Special

By Mercedes Milligan

January 3, 2024


Experts Address the Pros and Cons of AI in Animation at MAF

By Kevin Giraud

January 4, 2024

January '24 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 336).



[Webtoon; webcomic]

Avery Kaplan



The Beat's 2024 Creator Survey Part 4: from "comicbook stores to comic bookstores"

Heidi MacDonald



Announcing the 2023 Comics Industry Person of the Year: Sloane Leong

Heidi MacDonald



Jim Keefe Gets Added to Our Patreon List. You There?

D. D. Degg


Nick Anderson's Pen Strokes


Clarion Ledger refreshes comic lineup based on reader input, changing tastes

 Mark M. Konradi

Mississippi Clarion Ledger


Lady Chatterley and Mickey Mouse enter the public domain and all you get is this column  [satire]

By Alexandra Petri

Washington Post January 4, 2024


Le décès d'Attila Futaki qui avait signé Le Tatoueur avec Matz [Hungary]

Jean-Laurent Truc

5 janvier 2024


From Cover to Cover's Favorite Comics of 2023

Scott Cederlund, Mike Baxter, James Kaplan

Jan 4, 2024


You're My January Friend – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | January 5, 2024


Sara Frazetta

["I've decided to share this press release from attorney Jack Merritt...]

@SaraFrazetta Dec 29, 2023


SARA FRAZETTA Talks Fire & Ice, Vampirella & What's Next For Frazettaverse Of Comics!

The Comic Lounge

Dec 20, 2023


December 22, 2023  

Mickey Mouse, Long a Symbol in Copyright Wars, to Enter Public Domain: 'It's Finally Happening'  [Dan O'Neill]

By Gene Maddaus


The Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2023

By Samantha Puc Dec 25th, 2023,


CBR News Editors' Picks: Top 10 Comics of 2023

By Dustin Holland and Jenny C.

December 30 2023


Highlights of 2023: Best comics and graphic novels of the year

Gil Scott-Heron is among the factual figures who got a comic book, while Eoin Colfer's work featured among the Irish highlights 

Mon, 25 Dec, 2023 - 20:00

Don O'Mahony

Book review: Bodies and boundaries in graphic fiction: reading female and nonbinary characters

Dianna Baldwin

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics  25 Dec 2023

Bodies and boundaries in graphic fiction: reading female and nonbinary characters

by Jessica Baldanzi, London and New York, Routledge, 2023, 155 pp., US $136.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-0367679477


Urcaregui, Maite (2023) "Review of Beyond the Icon: Asian American Graphic Narratives by Eleanor Ty," Asian American Literature: Discourses & Pedagogies: Vol. 12, Article 11.
Available at:


The 17th Award Winners

Ms.SATONAKA Machiko et. al.

Japan International MANGA Award

Dec. 27, 2023

Anna-Laura Sullivan's Art Makes Her Cry Too [Instagram webcomics]

By Jennifer Zhan, a Vulture news blogger covering TV, movies and music

Reviving Civility in America through Comic Books: An Interview with Alan Jenkins

Michael Citarella | December 29, 2023


Shiloh, Ilana. (2023). Conceptual Metaphors in Visual Language The Graphic Novel City of Glass. Research in Language, 21(1), 43–60. and and


Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais/Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies  Vol. 10 N.º 2 (2023): BD Maravilha. Redefinindo o Género nas Narrativas Gráficas Ibero-Americanas

Dezembro de 2023

Editoras Temáticas: Nicoletta Mandolini, Cristina Álvares & María Márquez López


Diretoras/Editoras da Secção Varia: Rita Ribeiro & Isabel Macedo

Publicado: 2023-12-20

Número Completo


    Nota Introdutória: BD Maravilha. Redefinindo o Género nas Narrativas Gráficas Ibero-Americanas

    Nicoletta Mandolini, Cristina Álvares, María Márquez López


Artigos temáticos


    Patrícia Galvão: A Primeira Quadrinista Brasileira

    Stella Avelino



    Mulheres, Política e Humor Gráfico na Imprensa do Início do Século XX: Um Breve Olhar Sobre o Caso Brasileiro

    Thaís Batista Rosa Moreira



    Um Útero com Visão (Política): A Reivindicação dos Direitos Reprodutivos nos Cartoons Feministas Espanhóis

    Marina Bettaglio



    O Potencial de Representação da Narrativa Gráfica: Nódoa Negra e a Dor no Feminino

    Silvia Frota, Marta Soares



    Teias do Eu, Teias do Significado. Três Retratos Fragmentários Femininos na Banda Desenhada Impressa Pós-Digital

    Pedro Moura



    Tem um Monstro no Meu Espelho: Uma Análise do Romance Gráfico Autobiográfico Monstrans: Experimentando Horrormônios, de Lino Arruda

    Camila Luiza Lelis, Marcus Antônio Assis Lima



    Multiplicidades, Narrativas de Vida e Memória Coletiva da Docência na História em Quadrinhos Fessora!

    Nara Bretas Lage, Samanta Coan




    Análise Transversal da Antologia Ibero-Americana Coordenadas Gráficas: Cuarenta Historietas de Autoras de España, Argentina, Chile y Costa Rica

    Beatriz Moriano, Neus Lagunas



    Coordenadas Partilhadas: A Escrita da Herstory na Banda Desenhada Ibero-Americana

    Virginia Tonfoni



In her hands: navigating [sexual] identity and gender roles in a Portuguese graphic novel for young adults by Joana Estrela

Fátima Susana Mota Roboredo Amante

  24 Dec 2023


"Beauty is Not Only to Be Seen by Our Eyes" – Xiaoyi Hu on Bringing the World of the Visually-Impaired to the Comics Page [Chinese cartoonist working in Scotland]

by Andy Oliver

January 3, 2024


For Caroline Bowman, 'Frozen' gets under her skin: The Maryland actress plays Elsa in the North American touring production of the musical, now at the Kennedy Center [in print as Breaking the ice with Caroline Bowman]

By Celia Wren

Washington Post (January 5 2024): Weekend 10-11.

online at


"You can't escape the formalism of comics": an interview with Dave Chisholm

Valentino L. Zullo and Vera J. Camden

  Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics   26 Dec 2023


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 599: Walter Greason and Tim Fielder The Graphic History of Hip Hop

Calvin Reid

on 01/02/2024


Mitchell Paul. 2023. Illness and (hyper)masculinity in 'HIMM' comics from the USA. Medical Humanities Published Online First: 26 December 2023. doi: 10.1136/medhum-2023-012767 and and


Tim Seeley Talks Comics and his YouTube Channel

wordballoon  Jan 2, 2024


Bryan Hill Talks Blade and More

wordballoon Dec 21, 2023


Todd McFarlane Returns to Cartoonist Kayfabe!

Cartoonist Kayfabe    Jan 1, 2024


Thursday Night LIVE with Billy Tucci! Mickey Mouse is Public Domain...What Does that mean?!

POPXP! Network!  January 4 2024


Standal, CJ. 2023.

The Cost of Comics: A History of the Comic Book Labor Movement (Part One-Two)

Cartoonist Cooperative Journal (December): and

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