Thursday, December 02, 2021

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 12/1/21

20 years on, a self-proclaimed Enid looks back at Ghost World

Feeling compassion for your younger self—and nostalgia for '90s thrift stores

Katie Rife

December 1 2021


Exhibit Review - Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles

 reviewed by Mike Rhode

International Journal of Comic Art blog December 1, 2021


December 01, 2021

Moomin Exhibit at National Children's Museum

 by Mike Rhode


'The Truth Is Women Have Always Suffered'

Mirion Malle's graphic novel closely observes a young woman dealing with depression.

Dorothy Woodend 9 Nov 2021 |


Mirion Malle: "Let's Talk About Mental Health Without Pointing Blame"

The Author of This is How I Disappear Speaks With Sophie Yanow

Via Drawn & Quarterly

By Sophie Yanow

November 29, 2021


Inner Mythologies: PW Talks with Emily Carrington

By Cheryl Klein

Nov 26, 2021

A version of this article appeared in the 11/29/2021 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Inner Mythologies


Animation Guild Takes Page From Larger IATSE Activism In Push for Higher Wages

In talks with producers through Dec. 2, TAG's #PayAnimationWriters hashtag has called for parity for its members, compared to counterparts repped by the Writers Guild.

Katie Kilkenny

December 1, 2021


In a World of Pure Imagination

Two very different visionary artists, Hayao Miyazaki and Tony Kushner, are both famed for creating fantastic, fully realized worlds that also reflect our own.

By Hanya Yanagihara

A version of this article appears in print on Dec. 5, 2021, Page 44 of T Magazine with the headline: The Wizards.


PW Comics World: More To Come

More To Come 494: AnimeNYC Webcomics and the Future

Heidi MacDonald and Kate Fitzsimmons

on 11/26/2021


Reappearing Acts: R. Kikuo Johnson Has a New Graphic Novel

By Heidi MacDonald

Dec 01, 2021


Remembering Two Titans of Manga: Shirato Sanpei and Saitō Takao

Natsume Fusanosuke | December 2, 2021


November 30, 2021 by Gil Roth

Episode 462 – Edward Sorel

Virtual Memories Show 462:

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