Tuesday, July 23, 2019

PR: Get House of X #1 at our Midnight Release Tonight!

Be one of the 1st to read the ground-breaking new X-MEN series: HOUSE OF X at our HOUSE OF X #1 Midnight Release Tonight!!
You may have heard by now, but HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X is set to be the biggest thing to hit comics in 2019, as it ushers back in the glory that characters as beloved as the X-Men deserve!

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (Secret Wars, East of West, Avengers Time Runs Out, Black Monday Murders) pairs with superstar artists like Pepe Larraz & R.B Silva to bring a spin to the X-Men that's both true to the characters and their stories, but also very much moving the grand story of the X-Men into new directions!

You can read all about it here with our Third Eye Guide to HOUSE OF X!
Click here to read all about our HOUSE OF X Midnight Release!

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