Sunday, December 31, 2017

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "2017: We Don't Need No Water"

Flugennock's year in review -

2017: We Don't Need No Water

...and here it is, the whole caboodle, the whole shitshow, the whole kahuna, a big hot sloppy bucket of 2017 In Cartoons.

• Dinnertime For Democrats, January:
• Peak Liberal, February:
• In Solidarity With Eaten Fish, March
• Won't Somebody Think Of The Children, April
• Nobody Expects The Russia Investigation, May
• Tinfoil Hatter, June
• Mother Of All Bombs, July
• Google Censorship: 100% "Toxic", August
• Houston, We Have A Problem, September
• Outlaw Democracy, October
• The Latest Russiagate "Smoking Gun", November
• The Most Busted Name In News, December

...and throw the dumpster fire metaphor in there while you're at it.

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