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Nov 5: German-language animated films at Landmark's E Street Cinema

Goethe-Institut Washington

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New Short Films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Saturday, November 5, 2 pm

With an introduction by Joe Bilancio, Director of Programming for DC Shorts

Who Will Pay the Bill? (Wer trägt die Kosten?)
Germany, 2015, animation, color, 4 min., German with English subtitles, Director/Screenplay: Daniel Nocke, World Rights: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH
In this talk show satire moderated by a hyena, two lions, a vulture and a lonely zebra debate about justice in a society of eating and being eaten.

  • Short Tiger Award 2016
  • FBW-rating: "exceptionally valuable"

Daniel Nocke (b. 1968 in Hamburg, Germany) studied at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg from 1994 to 1999. He lives in Hamburg, where he works as an author and animation artist.

Austria, 2014, animation, color, 2 min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Anna Vasof, World Sales Rights: Not for sale, all rights are reserved by Anna Vasof
A video camera continuously follows and films a progression of dominoes falling, creating the illusion of the movement in an imaginary space. Domino is a video which combines the mechanism of a progression of dominoes falling with stop-motion animation technique and introduces a new animation technique, the "Non-stop stop motion".

  • Best Austrian Animation (ASIFA AUSTRIA 2014)

Anna Vasof (b. 1985) is an architect and media artist. She studied architecture at the University of Thessaly in Greece and Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 2004, her videos and short films have been presented in several festivals and have won some prizes.

Uncanny Valley
Austria, 2015, animation, color, 13 min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Paul Wenninger, World Sales Rights: Sixpack Films
In Uncanny Valley, we are immediately bombarded by the psychological and physical intensity of a battle fought between desperate soldiers during the First World War. Within the scope of a physiological apparatus looking in the direction of war, Uncanny Valley develops a dramaturgy of interrupted images - stuttering pictures that interrupt the narrative structure of a sequence of scenes.

  • Public Award and Best Austrian Animation (ASIFA AUSTRIA 2015)

Paul Wenninger (b. 1966 in Vienna, Austria) is father of three daughters, a filmmaker with a focus on pixilation and animation, a freelance dancer and the author of choreographical works. He was part of international productions, having worked and lived from 1994-1998 in France.

Switzerland, 2015, animation, color, 6min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Rahel Gerber, World Sales: Interfilm Berlin Management GmbH
Dreams woven from airy fabrics make wishes tangible. Walter is a loner. Hanging up his laundry the resident sees how easily his shirt contacts his neighbor's dress. Might he be closer than ever to his own happiness?

  • Berner Filmpreis 2015 Category Animation

Rahel Gerber (b. 1977 in Switzerland) received her master's degree in illustration and animation from Lucerne School of Art and Design. Flirt is her thesis project.

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