Friday, May 31, 2013

Last weekend for Big Nate musical

Final Weekend
Saturday at 11am (limited tickets), 2pm & 4:30pm
Sunday at 11am & 2pm

EVEN MORE LOVE from Parents and kids alike:

"The peals of laughter erupting from my grandson tell the whole story! He loved it."

"FABULOUS!!! A wonderful show and the cast was AMAZING!"

"Brought my two kids (son, 11 and daughter, 8). My son giggled nonstop, start to finish. He loves Big Nate. My daughter sat mesmorized."

"He couldn't get the "Big Nate" out of his head all weekend!"

"My son loves the book series and was thrilled with the show."

"He loved seeing one of his favorite book series come to life in front of him. He performs in your summer program so loves watching the pros for inspiration."

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