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March 7, 2012
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PARTY TIME COMING!  On April 3rd at 8pm, Game On! Comics will be hosting a Launch Party for the Avengers vs. X-Men comic book!  Details below. 

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New Comic Book titles this week 3-7-12


Best Discounts in the area

honey B

Comic of the Week

Honey Badger #1


Have you heard of internet sensation and crazy nastyass the honey badger? The Guinness Book of World Records named this species the most fearless animal on Earth. It really doesn't give a s#!t. Honey badgers are just crazy. Now, see the honey badger in action! The most fearless critter on Earth will face off against...EVERYTHING! Birds, snakes, small children, velociraptors, whatever! It'll fight anybody and anything and just smack the hell out of it. You should read this comic, 'cause it's bada**, just like the honey badger.




30 Days Of Night Ongoing #5

Action Comics #7

Action Comics #7 Combo Pack

Age Of Apocalypse #1

Amazing Spider-Man #681

Animal Man #7

Avengelyne #7

Avengers Academy #27

Avengers Childrens Crusade #9 (L)

Batwing #7

Beyond The Fringe #1

Boys #64

Charismagic #5

Comic Shop News #1290

Dc Universe Online Legends #25

Dead Or Alive #2

Defenders #4

Detective Comics #7

Dicks #2

Doctor Who Classics Series IV #2

Fairest #1

Fatale #3

Fear Itself Fearless #10

Ferals #3

Gi Joe A Real American Hero #176

Gi Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #11

Green Arrow #7

Hawk And Dove #7

Hell Yeah #1

Honey Badger Adventures #1

Hulk #49

Huntress #6 (L)

Infestation 2 TMNT #1

Irredeemable #35

Izombie #23

Jennifer Blood (Garth Ennis') #10

Justice League International #7

Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #4

Lone Ranger #3

Magdalena #11

Manhattan Projects #1

Marvels Avengers Prelude Fury's Big Week #1

Men Of War #7

Mice Templar Vol 3 #8

Next Men Aftermath #41

Night Force #1

Omac #7

Rachel Rising #6

Red Lanterns #7

Salems Daughter Haunting #5

Spawn #217

Star Wars Crimson Empire III Empire Lost #5

Static Shock #7

Stitched #3

Stormwatch #7

Supernatural #6 (L)

Supurbia #1

Swamp Thing #7

Sweet Tooth #31

Thor Deviants Saga #5 (L)

True Blood French Quarter #6 (L)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

Uncanny X-Men #8

Valen Outcast #4

Vampirella Vs Dracula #2

Venom #14

Villains For Hire #4 (L)

Wheel Of Time Eye O/T World (R. Jordan) #22

Winter Soldier #3

Wolverine #302

Wolverine And X-Men: Alpha & Omega #3

Wulf #5

X-Club #4

X-Men #26





Adventure Time #1 2nd Ptg

Scooby Doo Where Are You #19

Star Wars Clone Wars YR 7 Enemy Within

Toy Story #1





Flashpoint TPB

Ghostbusters Ongoing TPB Vol 01

Hellboy TPB Vol 12 The Storm & The Fury




Marvel Universe AF Asst 201109




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Then get a comic subscription box with Game On! Comics!  We will hold comics for you on a weekly basis based on the comics that you want.  The more comic titles you have the more of a discount you will get.


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Number of Regular Titles Subscribed: 10-19 Comic titles 10% off
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All you have to do is respond to this email with the titles that you would like and we will create a box for you.



Launch Party
Avengers vs. X-Men 


 A vs X


Put this date in your calendar:


April 3rd, 2012


Game On! Comics Store


We will officially be selling the new Avengers vs. X-Men one day early.


Join us for FREE giveaways, games, and snacks as we welcome in the most hyped comic of the year.  What side are you on??  Marvel comics made our store pick a side and we chose.........the AVENGERS!


More details to come for Game On! Comics first big event for 2012! 



Game Nights 


Tuesday Nights 7pm-11pm

D and D

We may change our D&D night to Saturday.  If you have mentioned that you are interested in playing then look to get an additional email this week.  C


Come play D&D at the store.  We are currently ready to start a new campaign for 1st level characters.  If you have never played before this is your time to start.  Because each story has limited space you must email us and let us know that you would like to join.  We will be starting with just 6 people.


WE ONLY NEED 2 more PLAYERS to start!!  If you are interested please email me because we are very close to starting.




Wednesday Nights 7-9pm

Magic the Gathering



Wednesday, March 7th 7pm till 10ish


Join us as we have another Dark Ascension Draft game.  For only $12 you will get 2 Dark Ascension Boosters and one Innistrad Booster.  Prizes will be awarded. 

1st Place-4 Ascension Boosters

2nd Place-3 Ascension Boosters

3rd Place-2 Ascension Boosters

4th Place-2 Ascension Boosters.

Tell your friends to come join us!

Come in tonight for casual play.


Friday Nights 7-9pm

Hulk Heroclix 


















Heroclix this Friday, March 9th, at Game On! Comics in Vienna, Va at 7
p.m., build a 500 point force with one character at 40 points or less
chosen to be protected from one end of the map to the other. (We did a
scenario like this a while back with Pogs for the protected piece.)
Thanks Giahn for the scenario this week!

Special rules to be announced as the game begins. No Feats, BFC's, or
Colossals, all other figures are good to go. Surprise us with your
choices for the Protected!


Congrats to last weeks winners:


1st: Mike

2nd: Tom

Fellowship: Giahn



Saturday nights 7pm-??
Board and Card Games




NoVA Jacks night from 7pm to LATE NIGHT!  We have about 20-30 people that come in to play board and card games.  You can come and bring your own game or join one of the other games.  We often preview the newest games that come out. 



Last weeks winners:




-1812:  The British (Avi, Scott, and Patrick)
-Belfort:  Mathias
-Core Worlds:  Avi
-A Few Acres of Snow:  Scott
-Navegador:  Andrew
-Power Grid:  Barry
-Puerto Rico:  Oz
-Ra (played 3 times):  Oz; Jon; and Leslee
-Small World Underground:  Rhett 










COMIC Review

I, Vampire


This one is an interesting review.
There have been a ton of vampire and zombie comics/TV show/movies coming out, I know.  I will admit now, I really like them!  So, I am a little biased.  But, even I, was reluctant to read this one.  I didn't know anything about the previous series in the Vertigo lot so this was a fresh start for me. 
 i vampire

That being said, I really like this series!  Anytime Batman and vampires are in the same comic, I am there! 


OK, the series starts with a 600 year old vampire, Andrew Bennett.  He is like Blade, in that he is a vampire that doesn't like vampires and he has been going around killing them.  One vampire in particular, Mary, has been causing a ton of trouble and he feels responsible because he created her.  The story leads Andrew and a couple friends to Gotham where a certain super hero confronts him.


Without spoiling anything, they decide to confront the vampires together.  This was a fun read!  Issue #6 ends with the promise of the first DC crossover.  Justice League Dark and I, Vampire will join forces in issues #7.  


I can't wait because issue #6 ends with a big cliffhanger! 



Thank you so much for your support of our new comic and game shop.  We look forward to taking care of all of your comic and game needs.

Dave, J.R., and Louis
Game On! Comics



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