Thursday, April 14, 2011

OT: New webcomic by John Kovaleski, MAD Magazine artist

My friend John Kovaleski would like you to know about his new webcomic -

John Kovaleski has launched a new webcomic called "Dadding Badly" - all true tales of a first-time father. Not your typical parenthood stories, "Dadding Badly" has already covered such hot topics as leprechaun impersonations, square cows, and how many times you can hit your father in the head with an empty Kleenex box. Attached is a sample comic.  Please visit the site below for more fathering fun.

John Kovaleski is a cartoonist and humorous illustrator. He is the creator of the comic strip "Bo Nanas," which was syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group from 2003 to 2007, and collected in the books "Monkey Meets World" (2005) and "APPEELING: The Best of Bo Nanas" (2008). He is also a frequent contributor to MAD Magazine, making him one of the "usual gang of idiots."

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