Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Brooke A. Allen at Big Planet Comics Vienna

I hadn't heard of Brooke A. Allen before her appearance at Big Planet Comics Vienna - which turns out to be no surprise because she's still at student at SCAD, even though she's got her first graphic novel coming out now. I talked to her briefly, asking about her influences and was surprised to hear Walt Kelly, followed by Jeff Smith. After reading the book, I can definitely see Bone's influence. I enjoyed the story and will run a brief review at the City Paper soon, but here's some photos.


She made a nice drawing in each book - the people in front of me got the bad magician.

My daughter got Mr. Easter.

And I got a self-portrait.

There was a darn big crowd for both Ms. Allen and the 4th of July sale.

She kept cranking through the drawings for people and I think the store expected to sell out of the book.

BP had these nice posters on sale for $3. I got mine.

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Eden said...

I'm sorry I didn't go to this. I really don't have an excuse other than I slept too late to get up and get motivated.