Thursday, September 24, 2009

PR: John Kovaleski at Small Press Expo

I bought everything John had last year ...

Hi there-

Just a quick little note to tell you that I'll be at the Small Press Expo this weekend (September 26 and 27) in Bethesda, MD. I'll be signing "Bo Nanas," "Jack N. Box" and "Great Scott" books for your personal reading enjoyment at table C9. Hope to see you there.

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BIO: Before becoming a cartoonist, John Kovaleski had "done time" at an ad agency, a consulting firm, a newspaper and a big, faceless corporation.

His humorous scribblings have adorned magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, puzzles, billboards, and that new-fangled Internet that all the kids are talking about.

In 2003 his comic strip "Bo Nanas" was unleashed on an unsuspecting world by the fine folks at The Washington Post Writers Group.

In 2006 he became "one of the usual gang of idiots." In other words, a contributor to MAD Magazine.

In his spare time he practices the ukulele and does the occasional escape-artist trick

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