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NPR reviews DeForge's new book

'Richard's Valley' Is Worth A Visit — But You Might Not Be Welcome There

New items in Michigan State's Comic Art Collection

Every month, librarian Randy Scott lists new material that he's catalogued for 
MSU's Comic Art Collection. 
For February-March 2019, a 2013 set of US government 
comic books I've never seen showed up, followed by Joe Sutliff's 
work on mosquito control in Fairfax County.
 The Choice. -- Washington, DC : U.S. Department of the 
Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American 
Indians, 2013? -- 12 p. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. -- 
(Empowerment $aga ; volume 1, issue 6) -- "Red Rose Elk 
(Sioux/Assiniboine), author; Matthew Barkhausen, 
illustrator ; original concept by J.P. Barham." -- "The 
story begin with shape-shifters: four birds, Eagle, Raven, 
Hawk, and Owl, perched on telephone lines on the outskirts 
of the Native community. They are spiritual helpers to a 
group of teens: Shining Star, Theresa, Ranger, and Jay. 
These young teens learn financial resources as they embark 
on many adventures, and encounter intrigue in the process. 
The Choice shows the perils and rewards of making the right 
life choices, and how traditional values can help with 
those choices in order to thrive." -- Educational genre, 
about Indians of North America. -- Call no.: 
PN6728.25.U5E4806 2013   Red Rose Elk. 
Coloring Book. -- Washington, DC : U.S. Department of the 
Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American 
Indians, 2013? -- 1 v. : ill. ; 27 cm. -- (Empowerment 
$aga) -- "Red Rose Elk (Sioux/Assiniboine), author ; 
Matthew Barkhausen, illustrator ; original concept by J.P. 
Barham." -- Other title: Empowerment $aga Coloring Book. -- 
Call no.: PN6728.25.U5E49 2013 
A Loan or Not a Loan? -- Washington, DC : U.S. Department of 
the Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American 
Indians, 2013? -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. -- (Empowerment 
$aga ; volume 1, issue 5) -- "Red Rose Elk 
(Sioux/Assiniboine), author ; Matthew Barkhausen, 
illustrator ; original concept by J.P. Barham." -- 
Educational genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.25.U5E4805 2013 
Exploring a New Frontier - Credit. -- Washington, DC : U.S. 
Department of the Interior, Office of the Special Trustee 
for American Indians, 2013? -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. -- 
(Empowerment $aga ; volume 1, issue 4) -- "Red Rose Elk 
(Sioux/Assiniboine), author ; Matthew Barkhausen, 
illustrator ; original concept by J.P. Barham." -- 
Educational genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.25.U5E4804 2013 
Adventures in Banking. -- Washington, DC : U.S. Department of 
the Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American 
Indians, 2013? -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. -- (Empowerment 
$aga ; volume 1, issue 3) -- "Red Rose Elk 
(Sioux/Assiniboine), author ; Matthew Barkhausen, 
illustrator ; original concept by J.P. Barham." -- 
Educational genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.25.U5E4803 2013 
Journey of Trade. -- Washington, DC : U.S. Department of the 
Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American 
Indians, 2013? -- 1 v. : col. ill. ; 27 cm. -- (Empowerment 
$aga ; volume 1, issue 1) -- "Red Rose Elk 
(Sioux/Assiniboine), author ; Matthew Barkhausen, 
illustrator ; original concept by J.P. Barham." -- 
Educational genre, about business enterprises. -- Call no.: 
PN6728.25.U5E48 2013 
What's Bugging You? : Mosquitoes and Ticks / written and 
illustrated by Joe Sutliff. -- Fairfax, VA : Fairfax County 
Health Dept., 2011. -- 24 p. : col. ill. ; 18 cm. -- 
Children's book format, with some word balloons. -- 
Educational genre. -- Call no.: PN6728.25.F3W47 2011     

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PR: DC Zinefest 2019 Applications Are Open Right Now!

From: DC Zinefest <>
Date: Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Dear Zinefest fans,

Big Announcement #1:

Applications to table at DC Zinefest are now open and will close on Sunday, May 5, 2019. We are only accepting online applications this year, and the application form will be posted on our website at

Big Announcement #2:

We're doing applications differently this year. Read below for why – and how.

People from marginalized and oppressed communities have historically used zines to amplify their own voices, which might otherwise have been muted by existing power structures.

We've been working hard to bring you the ~best Zinefest yet~ in 2019. Our big goal this year is to build a Zinefest that amplifies an increasingly diverse collection of voices, particularly those of folks from traditionally marginalized and oppressed groups. In pursuit of this goal, we are trying something different: we will not be giving out tables on a "first-come, first-served" basis this year.

DC Zinefest has given out 17 grants (of $50 and a quarter table) over the past two years. These grants supported zinesters who are persons of color, LQBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and/or low-income people. We used a random lottery to select grant recipients from the many deserving applicants.

This year we are doing more to ensure diversity and inclusion. For DC Zinefest 2019, we will give out grants and will also reserve additional tables for:

  • Zinesters who are people of color, people with disabilities, people who identify as LBGTQIA+, and/or people with low income; as well as

  • Zinesters who have not previously tabled at DC Zinefest.

We will conduct random lotteries to select zinesters from the above categories. The remaining tables will be reserved for returning tablers, who will also be selected via random lottery.

Now more than ever the organizers of DC Zinefest feel we must amplify voices that might otherwise be left out. The changes in how we allocate tables will help us to get there, and we think it will contribute to a great Zinefest for 2019. We hope sharing information about the new registration process will help our beloved DC zine community understand the changes we are making. You can find more information on our website FAQ (


Please reach out to us if you have questions or thoughts to share at


Your DC Zinefest Organizers | twitter | facebook 

Al Goodwyn wins award for Aiken Standard cartoons

Standard, Star win 18 awards from South Carolina Press Association

Also winning first place is Aiken Standard cartoonist, Al Goodwyn, in the Cartoon category. Among the winning entries by Goodwyn was his cartoon on overcrowding at the Aiken County Animal Shelter, which he donated to the shelter following publication.

Cartoonists Rights Network International wins Index on Censorship award

#IndexAwards2019: Cartoonists Rights Network International defends cartoonists worldwide

Cartoonists Rights Network International has been named the 2019 Freedom of Expression Awards Fellow in the Campaigning category

Local 1984 documentary now on YouTube - Comic Books: A World of Illustrated Adventure

Comic Books: A World of Illustrated Adventure

From 1984. I was a cameraman, editor (with Sam Sausagehead) and even narrator. This is one of the first documentary projects I was involved with, at the start of my public access days. Shot on location at Geppi's Comic World in Silver Spring, MD during a Stan Lee signing, and a comic convention at a Northern VA hotel. Also at Comic Classics in Laurel, MD. Owners Steve and Margit Canfield owned the shop, and also produced this project. Steve Canfield RIP

Umile reviews Hinds' Iliad for LA Times

Gareth Hinds' illustrated 'Iliad' follows the fights and follies of egomaniacal men

Friday, April 05, 2019

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "30 Seconds Over Moscow"

From Mike Flugennock, DC's anarchist cartoonist -

"30 Seconds Over Moscow"

The kid can't help it; he's got that ol' Russiagate Hangover. Granted, 
this piece is a bit late, but I've been out of town and besides, this 
kinda shit is evergreen.

So, how many of you are old enough to remember February? Remember Sen. 
Amy Klobuchar, one of my own personal favorite Russiagaters – or, as I 
like to call her, Frau Blucher – and her legendary abusive behavior in 
the office and her spectacularly crass defense of the same? Yeah, she 
really is a favorite.


"Staffers, Documents Show Amy Klobuchar's Wrath Toward Her Aides", 
BuzzFeed News 02.08.19

"Klobuchar: Being Mean To My Staff Proves I Can Deal With Putin", 
Talking Points Memo 03.15.19

DC media on Shazam!

The silly, heartfelt 'Shazam!' reminds us that just surviving adolescence is heroic

With 'Shazam!' DC Superhero Movies Bring The Thunder ... And The Lightening Up

'Shazam!' is the relatable, reluctant superhero tale we've been waiting for

'Shazam!' Review: A Boy's Supersized Alter Ego in a Sunny Superhero Flick

Watch a Boy Discover His Superpowers in 'Shazam!'

The director David F. Sandberg discusses a scene featuring Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

April 5: Box Brown at Solid State Books

Box Brown: Cannabis

  • Friday, April 5, 2019
  • 7:00 PM 8:00 PM

In Conversation with Emily Dufton

From the nineteenth century to the twenty-first, cannabis legislation in America and racism have been inextricably linked. In this searing nonfiction graphic novel, Box Brown sets his sights on this timely topic.

In 1518 CE Mexico, Cortés introduces hemp farming during his violent colonial campaign. In secret, locals begin cultivating the plant for consumption. It eventually makes its way to the United States through the immigrant labor force, where it's shared with black laborers. It doesn't take American lawmakers long to decry cannabis as the vice of "inferior races." To strengthen their anti-drug campaigns, legislators spread vicious lies about the dangers of cannabis. As a result, the plant is given a schedule I classification, alongside heroin.

Author and illustrator Box Brown delves deep into the complex and troubling history of cannabis, offering a rich, entertaining, and thoroughly researched graphic essay on the racist legacy of cannabis legislation in America.

Box Brown is an Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, and comic publisher from Philadelphia. His books include the New York Times-bestselling Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, Tetris: The Games People Play, and Is This Guy For Real?: The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman. Box Brown's independent comics publishing house, Retrofit Comics, was launched in 2011. 

Emily Dufton is a writer based near Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of New York University and received her Ph.D. in American Studies from George Washington University. Her first book, Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America, was based off her dissertation. She has served as a commentator on the History Channel and NPR's Back Story with the American History Guys, and her work has been featured in the Washington Post, the AtlanticHistory News Network, and Run Washington. She lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with her husband and son.
600 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002 
This event is FREE and open to all. Let us know you're coming on Facebook.

and an interview -

RVA magazine comics column and

RVA Comics X-Change: Issue 16

Into The Visions-Verse: The Illustrious World of Chris Visions

Written by Matthew McDaniels and Marilyn Drew Necci

Glyph nominees Lytle, Okupe, Allen

Julian Lytle, Roye Okupe, and Troy-Jeffrey Allen have each been nominated for a Glyph award for African-American comics and cartoonists.

Lytle does the webcomic Antz, while Okupe is building a superhero universe, and Allen is a writer on Fight of the Century.

More details at

Pr: Graphic Novel Overstock Sale - 60% Off! Beyond Comics - Saturday and Sunday

Graphic Novel
Overstock Sale!

60% OFF! Select Overstock!

Saturday, April 6th - Sunday, April 7th
Beyond Comics - Frederick Store Only!
Beyond Comics | 18749 B North Frederick Avenue, 5632 Buckeystown Pike Frederick, MD, Gaithersburg, MD 20879
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Friday, March 29, 2019

March 29: Peter David in Rockville, aka North Bethesda

Announcing: MiniMeGeneration

So I tried to get a larger room at the hotel. Failed to do so. I attempted to book a meeting room at the hotel. They sent a nice email saying they'd get back to me about a price and, big surprise, never did.

Screw it.

At 7 PM tomorrow, Saturday, I am going to be in the lobby of the Bethesda Marriott North, 5701 Marinelli Road, Rockville, Maryland. I will have stuff of mine to sell. And I will be happy to talk to anyone who comes by and autograph their stuff.

Please get word of this out since we're talking about barely a day in advance.


NPR reviews Marx Bros. graphic novel

'Giraffes On Horseback Salad' Tells The Lost Story Of Harpo Marx And Salvador Dalí

Etelka Lehoczky

April 13: Comics Workshop: Color & Texture

  • Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

  • Fantom Comics
    2010 P St NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, District of Columbia 20036

April 18: Solid State Books Music Graphic Novel Book Club: Billie Holiday

Music Graphic Novel Book Club: Billie Holiday

  • Thursday, April 18, 2019
  • 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 3.53.15 PM.pngJoin a group of music enthusiasts, led by Jeremiah Foxwell, as they discuss the graphic novel biography of Billie Holiday. The discussion frequently includes viewing and listening to video and audio clips. Born in Philadelphua in 1915, and dead too early in New York in 1959, Billie Holiday became a legendary jazz singer, even mythical. With her voice even now managing to touch so many people, we follow a reporter on the trail of the artist on behalf of a New York daily. Beyond the public scandals that marred the life of the star (alcohol, drugs, violence...), he seeks to restore the truth, revisiting the memory of Billie. Through this investigation, Muñoz and Sampayo trace, through the undertones of racism, and in the wake of the blues, the slow drift of a singer who expressed the deepest emotions in jazz. By internationally renowned Argentine artists, featuring Muñoz' strikingly raw heavy blacks, this is not just a biography but a spell-binding art book tribute.

Jose Muñoz had a serious passion for comics from an early age. His first comics job was assisting Francisco Solano Lopez, illustrating stories by Argentine comics legend Hector Osterheld. His first leap into creating comics independently was the detective series Precinct 56. Muñoz moved to Europe in 1972, meeting fellow Argentine writer Carlos Sampayo. The duo collaborated often with various series, including Alack Sinner (IDW) and in Art Spiegelman's Raw. Gaining international recognition, the duo has won Angouleme and Yellow Kid awards and been nominated for an Eisner.

600 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

This event is FREE and open to all. Let us know you're coming on Facebook. The book is 10% off in our store through April.

Paging Garfield

For decades, Garfield telephones kept washing ashore in France. Now the mystery has been solved.

The Post on Dumbo remake

Tim Burton's 'Dumbo' remake is decidedly — and deliciously — dark [iin print as In this act, fly the less friendly skies]

A newborn elephant with giant ears discovers he can fly in this live-action and CGI remake of a 1941 Disney classic. (Walt Disney Pictures)

'Dumbo' gets a lift by focusing on the people behind (or under) the elephant [in print as Finding new life: 'Dumbo' benefits from human touch].

Express Senior Arts Writer
March 29 2019 p. 26

and heck, here's the Times too

'Dumbo' Goes Bonkers in Dreamland

A version of this article appears in print on March 29, 2019, on Page C1 of the New York edition with the headline: When Dreamland Turns Nightmare.