Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What‛s so funny about the economic crisis? Comics!

My friend Nick Thorkelson's got a new comic book out. He's sent me a copy and I'll be reviewing it, but here's the PR in the meantime.

February 2009

What‛s so funny about the economic crisis?

By Chuck Collins & Nick Thorkelson. Illustrated by Nick Thorkelson

Published by Jobs with Justice and the Institute for Policy Studies

Everyone’s looking for a straightforward explanation of what went wrong with the economy — and we all could use a good laugh, too.

Jobs with Justice and the Institute for Policy Studies Program on Inequality and the Common Good have just published an engaging 20-page comic book that graphically explains the causes of our current economic crisis, and how we can get the economy working again for working families.

“Economic Meltdown Funnies” is accessible,entertaining, and filled with facts to help you understand the causes and consequences of the current crisis. Formatted as a comic book, it’s a graphic explanation of how Wall Street and Washington caused the financial crisis, how it’s affecting real people in the real economy, and what we can do about it.

The book is available at a special rate for classrooms, unions or other organizations.

Bulk orders are just $5 each for 1-10 copies, $3.50 each for 11-99 copies, and $2 each for 100 copies or more. The book can also be downloaded for free at The website also features links to action and educational resources.

“Economic Meltdown Funnies” offers a sharp and witty progressive analysis and makes for a great workshop and organizing tool. The website also offers an opportunity for readers to leave comments, questions and suggestions.

Download the book, read it online, or order print copies at, or call 617-541-0500, x302.

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