Wednesday, February 04, 2009

G. Weingarten's chat - opinions on Sally Forth

From Tuesday, February 3rd's chat:

Baltimore, Md.: Re the divorce of comics from the real world: I may be overly sensitive, having spent my working life in advertising, PR and marketing, but the re[ce]nt plot development in Sally Forth has me blind, or least nearsighted, with rage. For those not regular readers, Sally was moved from being co-manager of her company's HR Dept. to being marketing manager. What?!?! No wonder American business is in such trouble -- people with no previous demonstrable experience in a pretty complex line of work are suddenly put in charge of it.

Seriously, does the guy now drawing strip know nothing about how the real world works? I swear a couple of years ago there was a storyline about HR being unprofitable. If it were profitable, that would be a miracle.

Gene Weingarten: Wow. Well, I admit this line of thinking had not occurred to me. I like the storyline, as a storyline; the dysfunctional marketers are funny.

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Unknown said...

In my case, art DOES imitate life. I was an HR Director and am now the VP of Communications responsible for revenues of over $400 million. To top if off, as an art school grad, I have no credentials to do either job. I had more than one person in my office think the strip was written about me.

The truth of life is that it never goes in a straight line and that it IS indeed stranger than fiction.