Thursday, February 26, 2009

Experimental comics exhibit in Charlottesville

Pedro Moura sent a note to the comix-scholar's list about a new exhibit he's worked on. Quoted with permission:

Next March the 6th, a show is opening at the Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia, called Impera et Divide, which will host six artists who're working on the verge of what one might call experimental comics, or simply a very contemporary strand of comics. The artists are Frédéric Coché (France), Aerim Lee (South Korea), André Lemos (Portugal), Ilan Manouach (Greece), Andrei Molotiu (US) and Fabio Zimbres (Brazil). This show was curated by Charlottesville's own Warren Craghead III (of How to be everywhere fame) and yours truly.

To put it in a nutshell, this is a very heterogeneous group of people, but they're all can be seen as working in a fine line of experimental comics. I try to clear that up in an obstruse, tangled text (hey, English's not my language) to be published in a book I've edited and published with the artists' work. It is not a catalogue, but a companion publication. It's being printed as we speak, so I hope to have a few copies by the time I leave to the US. It's called Divide et Impera and it also has work from Craghead.

Here's the link to the gallery:
And a blog put up by Craghead:

The show will be held until April the 25th.

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