Friday, February 13, 2009

OT: Cartoonists ads from Playboy continued

Price - Chival Regal ad - Playboy8103
New Yorker cartoonist George Price ad for Chival Regal scotch in Playboy, March 1981. What a wonderful wacky line he has!

Sorel - ACLU Moral Majority - Playboy 8103
Edward Sorel art for an ACLU ad against the Moral Majority in Playboy, March 1981. Oooh, Sorel can be hard-hitting.

Roth's Buckley - Playboy 8103
Arnold Roth caricature of William Buckley in letters section, Playboy, March 1981. Roth just had a lovely color illo in a recent New Yorker issue.

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