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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Nail gun safety comic

Friend of ComicsDC Nick Thorkelson has done the art for a government safety comic. Here's Nick:

Friends & colleagues:

My nail gun safety comic just went online. You can take a look by downloading a PDF from either of the links below or, if you wait a while, by ordering the print version from CDC/NIOSH. Many thanks to Jim Albers of NIOSH who put this together, and who was very patient with me in the course of a long and complex development process. 



Nick Thorkelson
Graphic Design & Cartoons
15 Channel Center Street, #218
Boston, MA 02210

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

OT: Nick Thorkelson, friend of CDC, playing music in Boston

Nick Thorkelson's reviewed exhibits for me for IJOCA and done the cover of the Interplanetary Journal of Comic Art (buy it on the right) and now he's showing us he's got musical talent too.

Subject: Music on the Fly, Coming Nov. 14--FREE!

Dear friends:

I wanted to let you know that I will have pieces in both of the programs described below. I will play and sing a song I wrote called "Grave Robbery," accompanied by a series of images in a sort of pseudo animation style, as part of the "EP7: Music On the Fly" program November 14. And I have written a short play, "Lionel Banished," which will be performed at the "Carny Knowledge" program being performed January 28 to February 6. Hope to see all or many of you at each or both. 

MOTF EP title
Fort Point Theatre Channel Presents

An evening of inter-genre performance
works featuring made-up music

MOTF saxby Robin Smith and Christie Lee Gibson
rday, November 14, 7 pm
35A Channel Center Street, Fort Point, Boston


With new works and works in progress, Fort Point Theatre Channel's seventh
Exclamation Point! will feature music combined with video, acting improv, and other visual/stage components.

Featured musicians, writers, actors, actresses include: Jon Burrowes, Jorrit Dykstra, Mary Fegreus, Liz Fenstermaker, Christie Lee Gibson, Daniel Harris, Allen Phelps, Alejandro Simoes, Robin Smith, Scott Sweatt, Nick Thorkelson, Arvid Tomayko-Peters, and friends.

For directions, check out our Web site.

Coming Up
Carny title
A Sideshow Extravaganza of Original Plays and Extraordinary Oddities
Silvia Graziano & Marc S. Miller, Impresarios
January 28-February 6, 2010
Channel Center, Fort Point, Boston

Carny Knowledge joins short theatrical works and unique installation pieces to create an environmental extravaganza enveloping audiences and performers alike. Inspired by the sideshows of once-upon-a-time, playwrights and filmmakers, musicians and dancers, roustabouts and a concoction of practitioners of the carny crafts will create an unforgettable evening of ballyhoo, burlesque, and incomparable entertainment, sure to skin the rubes and marks of their fins, sawbucks, and c-notes.
· Hotel Cassiopeia, Charles Mee's fantasy inspired by the life and work of the master of assemblage art, Joseph Cornell
· The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder
· The libretto from an opera being developed about the Marquis de Sade.
·  One-act plays by James Swindell and Silvia Grazianio


This is one image/stanza from "Grave Robbery," a song inspired by the Jerry Cruncher character in Charles Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities":

Nick Thorkelson
Graphic Design & Cartoons
15 Channel Center Street, #601
Boston, MA 02210

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What‛s so funny about the economic crisis? Comics!

My friend Nick Thorkelson's got a new comic book out. He's sent me a copy and I'll be reviewing it, but here's the PR in the meantime.

February 2009

What‛s so funny about the economic crisis?

By Chuck Collins & Nick Thorkelson. Illustrated by Nick Thorkelson

Published by Jobs with Justice and the Institute for Policy Studies

Everyone’s looking for a straightforward explanation of what went wrong with the economy — and we all could use a good laugh, too.

Jobs with Justice and the Institute for Policy Studies Program on Inequality and the Common Good have just published an engaging 20-page comic book that graphically explains the causes of our current economic crisis, and how we can get the economy working again for working families.

“Economic Meltdown Funnies” is accessible,entertaining, and filled with facts to help you understand the causes and consequences of the current crisis. Formatted as a comic book, it’s a graphic explanation of how Wall Street and Washington caused the financial crisis, how it’s affecting real people in the real economy, and what we can do about it.

The book is available at a special rate for classrooms, unions or other organizations.

Bulk orders are just $5 each for 1-10 copies, $3.50 each for 11-99 copies, and $2 each for 100 copies or more. The book can also be downloaded for free at The website also features links to action and educational resources.

“Economic Meltdown Funnies” offers a sharp and witty progressive analysis and makes for a great workshop and organizing tool. The website also offers an opportunity for readers to leave comments, questions and suggestions.

Download the book, read it online, or order print copies at, or call 617-541-0500, x302.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

OT: Nick Thorkelson & Harvey Pekar in NYC

Nick (who did the cover to the Interplanetary J... below) wrote in to say:

CUNY is hosting a promotion Monday night for SDS: A Graphic History, which has a story by me in it, that I will be presenting. Harvey Pekar, who wrote most of the book, will be there too. Here's the link, if you know anybody that might be interested: (and if you want to see the comic I wrote for this, it's online at Http:// ).