Thursday, February 19, 2009

NY Post chimp cartoon starts a firestorm on a Wash Post blog.

Posting for the blog host Mike Rhode:

Yesterday, Mr. Cavna asked about a Sean Delonas cartoon, "The Stimulus Monkey': Is Today's 'NY Post' Cartoon Racist?" As of this posting, he's got 81 comments, possibly a record for the Comic Riffs blog. Judging from the hits this blog got last night on Delonas (for a post about meeting him at a children's book signing), he's really touched a nerve.


Dark Lady said...

And how many times was Bush portrayed as a monkey? Get a grip and get over the hypersensitivity.

Mike Rhode said...

At 1:35 today, Cavna had 149 comments on his post; now it's up to 168. This cartoon, which honestly I don't find interesting at all, obviously struck a nerve or two.

Mike Rhode said...

And if there's any interest, tomorrow I can post a bibliography of stories or opinion pieces that I've found browsing tonight.

Nick Arora said...

I don't think this comic had any malicious intent, and, in my opinion, it does not appear to be a commentary on race.

However, the New York post should have been a little more selective about their choice of cartoons. Our society is not at a stage yet where the racial component of certain symbols can be ignored.

-Nick Arora