Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 16: Dinotopia's James Gurney in Rockville

Colin Solan wrote in, "James Gurney, the writer/illustrator of the Dinotopia series, will be in Rockville next Monday. Details at the link."

I love his stuff and he's very interesting to hear in person.

Ok, it's not comics, but it's an allied art.

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Unknown said...

We only got into dinotopia recently but are now loving it! We've gone completely dinosaur mad at home and even been making dinosaur masks from papier-mache! There is competition on this month from www.adventureboxbooks.com which we've had fun doing, as you have write a pangram and try to win a dinotopia dvd. The kids had a lot of fun entering anyway! Anyway, off to play dinosaurs with them in the garden now - the weather is so lovely! x