Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coraline reviews begin appearing in DC papers

I liked the book which my daughter hasn't read yet, my daughter likes the graphic novel which I haven't read yet, and we'll see where we stand on the movie.

Monsters, Ink: The 3-D Movie 'Coraline' uses scare tactics children know well.
Written by Express contributor Chris Klimek
Express (February 5): E6.

Adventures in Blunderland: Coraline's heroine gets duped by fantasy; Pink Panther 2 is as bumbling as its protagonist.

By Tricia Olszewski
Washington City Paper Feb. 5 - 11, 2009.

Frame by Frame
A visual wonder, Coraline is narratively sluggish

by Randy Shulman
Metro Weekly February 5, 2009.

and there's a shorter version of this in the hardcopy Onion (which has another truly great headline about Dick Cheney in a dunk tank):
Henry Selick
by Tasha Robinson, February 3, 200

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