Friday, February 20, 2009

Montgomery on new Swamp Thing collection

My old comic-collecting buddy Robert chimes in on DC's new Swamp Thing collection, which has Alan Moore's first issue reprinted for the first time: DC is finally reprinting Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run in hardcover. So, of course, having waited for this for some time, I bought the first volume. When it arrived, first thing I noticed is that DC printed it on the same paper used in the trade paperbacks. Was I annoyed. I expected a high-quality product and basically got a trade with a hard cover. What the hell is DC thinking?

After I noticed the paper issue, I checked reviews on Amazon and people had the same reaction. They also complained about the cover being sticky - one person claimed they printed it on the wrong type of paper. The cover on my copy is a little sticky but don't know if I'd noticed it w/o having read the reviews.

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