Monday, February 16, 2009

More on Bill Garner's dismissal from Washington Times

Rob Tornoe's got the story:

Laid-off Washington Times Cartoonist just Rolling with the Punches


Ruth Mallek said...

I hope this will be sent to Bill Garner. I have been trying to find out what happened to your editorials. I have called the Times and have gotten all sorts of answers. Fortunately, today I found this website and have made comment on another. To Mr. Amberg, I told him that he hadtimely, fresh and content in your work and that he made a HUGE mistake in firing you. Of course he will say you retired, as I was told, but after readingother comments, I know that you were forced out. It is sad for the Times. You published one book, do another or go to FOX and see if you can show your work on Fox and Friends.l

Mike Rhode said...

Ms. Mallek, I'm afraid I don't know Bill Garner so I can't pass it along to him. Perhaps someone who knows him will see your comment and send it to him.