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Friday, November 09, 2012

AnimeUSA underway

I spent a few hours at AnimeUSA today and had a good time looking around at the art show, the dealers and the cosplayers. It runs for two more days. I've put some pictures up here and at Flickr.

Local cartoonists Jamie Noguchi, Tony Tribby and Alexa Polito have tables, as does the Snow By Night webcomic team.

101_4611 Jamie Noguchi

Jamie Noguchi, whose new book is Erfworld vol. 1.

101_4616 Tony Tribby

Tony Tribby, whose new book is 'Death is Good'.

101_4613 Alexa Polito

Alexa Polito, whose selling a minicomic sketchbook, 'Rough Sex vol. 1'.

...and there are the cosplayers too...


...I'm not sure that costume is anime/manga influenced, but the next one is Lady Deadpool from Marvel Comics...

101_4614 Deadpool

...and these are real police officers enjoying their surroundings.


Friday, February 13, 2009

OT: Cartoonists ads from Playboy continued

Price - Chival Regal ad - Playboy8103
New Yorker cartoonist George Price ad for Chival Regal scotch in Playboy, March 1981. What a wonderful wacky line he has!

Sorel - ACLU Moral Majority - Playboy 8103
Edward Sorel art for an ACLU ad against the Moral Majority in Playboy, March 1981. Oooh, Sorel can be hard-hitting.

Roth's Buckley - Playboy 8103
Arnold Roth caricature of William Buckley in letters section, Playboy, March 1981. Roth just had a lovely color illo in a recent New Yorker issue.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OT: Cartoonists ads from Playboy

Davis - ad Dexter shoe Playboy8012
Jack Davis Dexter shoe ad in Playboy, Dec. 1980. Around this time, Davis seemed to be everywhere. He regularly covered TV Guide, drew a postage stamp, did posters for the American Cancer Society... hard to believe this is almost 30 years ago.

Saxon - GE ad - Playboy8012

Cassette recorder? What's that? Charles Saxon gag cartoon ad in Playboy, Dec. 1980. Saxon's best known for his New Yorker work.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Al Hirschfeld and Flash Gordon

Now how often do you see a duo in a title like that? Here's a couple of pieces I picked up recently, which is the only thing they have in common.

Hirschfeld - LaMancha
Al Hirschfeld cover for Man of La Mancha - note there's one Nina in there (click on the picture to open a larger one in Flickr). Record albums frequently used to have covers by cartoonists. I pick up a few, but there's some hard-core collectors out there with big collections.

FlashGordon5 - Playboy9801
Ming the Merciless paper toy from Playboy, January 1981. Print and make it now!

FlashGordon6 - Playboy9801
...and the instructions.

I love paper...