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Updating the Comics Research Bibliography 6/20/07 - includes Chris Ware citations

A friend of mine asked for what I citations had on Chris Ware, so I put together some which are towards the bottom of this list.

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Creatures, Milch, McEwan: Bee-ing There [Creature Comforts].
National Public Radio and WNYC's Studio 360 (June 15).
online at

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Online at

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Bad Surfer dude: The Fantastic Four are back to battle a metallic new
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online at

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copy at MSU].
Mt. Prospect, IL: Janet V. Hansen

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On 'Lil' Bush,' It's the Laughs That Are Tiny.
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Barron Storey.
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Moore, Kris. 2007.
Kris Moore - Getting The Signature [autographed comic book collector].
Scoop (June 15):

Myers, Bernice. 1979.
Bernice Myers' Book of Giggles [gag comic strips for children; copy at

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Satoshi Kon, Anime's Dream Weaver: The Japanese Filmmaker Goes Inside
His Characters' Heads to Get Inside Moviegoers' Hearts.
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Online at

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'Paprika' offers spicy animation for adults [Satoshi Kon anime].
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Online at

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Haden Chruch, Timothy Olyphant and Julian McMahon. An exclusive Q&A
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King Cat Comix: Brandon Graham.
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Online at

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CR Sunday Interview: Paul Karasik.
Comics Reporter (June 17):

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Poniewozik, James. 2003.
Books: Blankets By Craig Thompson.
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Animation industry hopes for more grown-up 'toons.
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Online at

Unknown. 2007.
Barks Art Sets Bonhams' Record.
Scoop (June 15):

Bengal, Rebecca. 2006.
On Cartooning: Jessica Abel.
POV (July):

Bengal, Rebecca. 2006.
On Cartooning: Phoebe Gloeckner.
POV (July):

Chris Ware

Bengal, Rebecca. 2006.
On Cartooning: Chris Ware.
POV (July):

Ware, Chris. 2006.
Building Stories - the introduction.
Independent (October 1).
online at

Worland, Gayle. 2006.
Wisconsin Book Festival: 5 questions with graphic novel genius Chris
Wisconsin State Journal (October 13).
Online at

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Comic Strip Artist Chris Ware.
National Public Radio and WBUR's Here and Now (December 9).
Online at

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Loud and bright, comics leave an impression; Artist describes medium's
lasting effects on popular culture [Chris Ware].
Journal Sentinal (May 4).
Online at

Parschalk, William. 2006.
School-day ACME Novelty proves unique [Chris Ware].
Johns Hopkins News-Letter (March 31).
Online at

Warren, Lynne. 2005.
Chris Ware Interview: Chris Ware at the MCA.
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (December):

Stanislawski, Ethan. 2006.
Chris Ware's urban cartoons make a strange but effective art exhibit.
[University of] Chicago Maroon (June 2).
Online at

Unknown. 2006.
Chris Ware at MCA Chicago.
Art Daily (May 11):

Mathie, Frank. 2006.
Cartoonist's work on display at Chicago museum [Chris Ware].
ABC 7 News (May 8):

Kennedy, Mary. 2006.
Letters: The Funny Pages ['Building Stories,' by Chris Ware].
New York Times Magazine (May 7)

Mazanec, Tom. 2007.
Lending legitimacy to comic book lit: 'The Acme Novelty Library' serves
as an introduction to Chris Ware's graphic novels.
Calvin College Chimes (February 2):

Ware, Chris. 2007.
One Eye: Charles Burns, Photographer.
Virginia Quarterly Review (Winter): 104-117
Online at

Cole, Patrick. 2006.
Seminole Filmmaker, Guitarist Awarded $50,000 Grants [Joe Sacco, Jim
Woodring, Chris Ware]
Bloomberg (December 4).
Online at

Kwok, Janet K. 2005.
Comics' Trendy Cousins: Graphic novelists behind 'Jimmy Corrigan' and
'Black Hole' appear at the Brattle [Chris Ware and Charles Burns].
Harvard Crimson (October 20).
Online at

Edemariam, Aida. 2005.
The art of melancholy: He may be a cartoonist, but Chris Ware is more
likely to fill his strips with sighs than laughs. With a new book and a
new family, he talks about tragedy and comics to Aida Edemariam.
Guardian (October 31).
Online at,6109,1605195,00.html

Hune-Brown, Nicholas. 2005.
Graphic Nostalgia: Cartoonists Chris Ware, Seth and Charles Burns aren't
lost in the past, but revelling in it.
Maisonneuve (November 10):

Poniewozik, James. 2000.
Right Way, Corrigan: From cartoonist Chris Ware, an elegantly crafted,
poignant story of man and not-so-superman.
Time (September 11)

Arnold, Andrew D. 2000.
Web Exclusive - Q and A With Comicbook Master Chris Ware;'s
Andrew Arnold talked with the much-heralded author of 'Jimmy Corrigan'. (September 1).

Poniewozik, James. 2003.
Books - Quimby The Mouse By Chris Ware.
Time (August 25)

Raeburn, Daniel. 2004.
Chris Ware.
New Haven: Yale University Press

Kannenberg, Jr., Gene. 2001.
The Comics of Chris Ware: Text, Image, and Visual Narrative Strategies.
In The Language of Comics: Word and Image. Ed. Robin Varnum and
Christina T. Gibbons.
Jackson: U of Mississippi Press

Baker, Sarah. 2007.
Conscious Comic: Artist Chris Ware reveals his love for Ulysses.
Omaha Weekly Reader (February 15).
Online at

Brattland, Jane Elin. 2007. Verdens beste tegneserie! Trist, lavmaelt
og stemningsfull. RadioSelskapets tegneseriejury har karet 'Jimmy
Corrigan' av Chris Ware til tidenes beste tegneserie.
NRK Publisert (February 6).
Online at

Thorson, Alice. 2007.
The Art of Comic Books: Comic creator Chris Ware will speak at Nebraska
exhibit Omaha native is known for his Acme Novelty Library comics.
Kansas City Star (February 11).
Online at

Bredehoft, Thomas A. 2006.
Comics Architecture, Multidimensionality, and Time: Chris Ware's Jimmy
Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth.
MFS Modern Fiction Studies 52 (4, Winter)

Worden, Daniel. 2006.
The Shameful Art: McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, Comics, and the
Politics of Affect [Chris Ware edited anthology].
MFS Modern Fiction Studies 52 (4, Winter)

Gutoff, Bija. 2005.
John Kuramoto: Animating Historic Architecture [Chris Ware's "Lost
Building" DVD]. (March?):

Gatti, Tom. 2005.
Lives in graphic detail [Chris Ware].
Times of London (September 3).
Online at,,923-1760443,00.html

Wolk, Douglas. 2005.
The inimitable Chris Ware: The author of "Jimmy Corrigan" explores a
fallen world in this new installment of breathtakingly intricate comic
Salon (September 2):

Baker, R.C. 2005.
Panel Discussion: Chris Ware's The Acme Novelty Library.
Village Voice (September 6).
Online at,panel,67535,10.html

Howard, Jennifer. 2004.
Comics - Chris Ware, by Daniel Raeburn (Yale Univ., $19.95).
Washington Post Book World(December 26): BW11

Wolk, Douglas. 2004.
Panel Discussion: Jimmy Jazz [Chris Ware By Daniel Raeburn].
Village Voice (November 16).
Online at

Swanhuyser, Hiya. 2004.
A Ware Ness: "Sequential artist" Chris Ware is a smart man with a
strange vision.
SF Weekly (June 9).
Online at

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