Thursday, September 06, 2007

Baltimore Comic-Con article in Express

Scott Rosenberg's got an article in today's Express (9/6) on this weekend's Con. Haven't read it yet, or checked to see if it's online. The Con should be fun and I'll be there on Saturday. Although the bit at the end says that tickets are sold in advance only, I just called and there will be a box office open for sales.


Anonymous said...

That was a bit of a mix up. It was supposed to be that the tickets for the Harvey Awards were only in advance, but I guess it came off like all the tickets were only sold in advance. I had put the two end tags (con and awards) separate, but they got mashed together after I handed the story in. Sorry for the confusion.

Randy said...

The link is up, and I just looked at the main webpage to see if it was there, and it was the first story! Nice work, Scott!