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Updating the Comics Research Bibliography 8/17/07

The CRB is a work in progress and sometimes the updates I send to my coauthor take a while to be posted, so I'm thinking about putting them up here as well - if you use the two in tandem, you should have most of what I've got on a subject, although I'll take requests as well. This is the 8/17/07 list, and it's sometimes grouped by subject or publication.

Wizard 189

Aclin, Justin. 2007.
In Memoriam: Marshall Rogers; Steve Englehart remembers his creative partner and seminal 'Batman' artist.
Wizard (189; July): 10

Purdin, Rickey. 2007.
Keeping 'Count': With several ticks off DC's 'Countdown' clock, Wizard uncovers the weekly series' secrets you need to know.
Wizard (189; July): 18-20

Morse, Ben. 2007.
Heavy mettle: Get inside the battle of the summer as the Hulk prepares to bring his world war straight to Iron Man!
Wizard (189; July): 22-25

Morse, Ben. 2007.
Mining for gold: Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz introduce the eclectic array of stars that make up comics' coolest supporting cast in July's 'Booster Gold'.
Wizard (189; July): 28-29

Brown, Jeremy. 2007.
Wizard Insider: Sinestro; A closer look at the plunders, plots and predicaments that have shaped Green Lantern's most dangerous foe.
Wizard (189; July): 30-31

Cotton, Mike. 2007.
The conquering hero: After slaying the box office with the shocking record-setting success of '300,' director Zack Snyder carves out his next project with 'Watchmen' and ...a '300' sequel?
Wizard (189; July): 34-38

Purdin, Rickey. 2007.
The Silver age: Wizard dabbles in a little metallurgy to learn how filmmakers brought the Silver Surfer to life in June's Fantastic Four sequel.
Wizard (189; July): 40-44

Ward, Chris. 2007.
Brett Matthews: The 'Lone Ranger' writer teases the next arc, brings gore to the Old West and saddles up for a new 'Serenity' series with Joss Whedon [interview].
Wizard (189; July): 46-47

Brown, Jeremy. 2007.
Dead gorgeous: Inspired by classic comic covers, Arthur Suydam's killer Marvel Zombie paintings have bled so much success, they've even made fans of the artists he's riffed from.
Wizard (189; July): 48-51

Phegly, Kiel. 2007.
The long road home: Jim Lee's former protégé Brett Booth quietly went from superstar artist to living out of a van. Here's how 'Anita Blake' pulled him from the abyss.
Wizard (189; July): 52-55

Bendis, Brian Michael. 2007.
Brian Michael Bendis presents... Mark Millar: Bendis grills his Ultimate partner-in-crime on how Millar wrote 'Civil War' from a hospital bed, his plan for the mega-hit's sequel and hwo Marvel tapped him to write 'Ultimate Moses and Jesus'.
Wizard (189; July): 56-67

Morse, Ben. 2007.
A day in the life at Marvel Comics.
Wizard (189; July): 68-77

Powell, Matt et. al. 2007.
Making the grade: The Batman and Superman books are some of the World's Finest comic titles, so how do they rate when we stack them up together?
Wizard (189; July): 78-84

Paggi, David. 2007.
All in the family: As the Top Cow Universe braces for a new arrival, Wizard shakes the family tree loose to get you ready.
Wizard (189; July): 86-88

Warmouth, Brian. 2007.
Heroes born: Our top 10 demands for what we want from Marvel and DC Comics' upcoming superhero-based massive multiplayer online roleplaying games.
Wizard (189; July): 92-93

Cramer, Karl. 2007.
Hot stuff: Ghost Rider DVD is ablaze with smokin' new content.
Wizard (189; July): 96

Ciolek, Todd. 2007.
'High' costs: 'Ninja Scroll' director takes on 'Highlander' [anime].
Wizard (189; July): 97

Serwin, Andy. 2007.
Immortal Iron Fist: You've just gotta read this black-and-blue blockbuster, with visuals that hit like a roundhouse kick and a backstory that chops up the status quo.
Wizard (189; July): 104-105

Phegley, Kiel. 2007.
Fun Home: The hidden shame of a family and the pains of growing up with an overbearing father collide to make Alison Bechdel's stunning graphic novel the next Maus.
Wizard (189; July): 106-107

The Simpsons

Evangelista, Linda and Julius Preite. 2007.
The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista.
Harper's Bazaar (August): 182-189

Marzullo, Greg. 2007.
Simpsons go green: Long-awaited film plays it safe with focus on environmental issues.
Washington Blade (July 27): 30

Koski, Genevieve, Josh Modell, Noel Murray, Sean O'Neal, and Kyle Ryan. 2007.
The Simpsons Vs. Civilization: Why Springfield's First Family Is Mankind's Greatest Achievement.
Onion (July 26).
Online at

Murray, Noel and Nathan Rabin. 2007.
The Simpsons As Krusty The Clown: The strangest Simpsons products.
Onion (July 26).
Online at

Koski, Genevieve, Josh Modell, Noel Murray, Sean O'Neal, Kyle Ryan, and Scott Tobias. 2007.
Inventory: 6 Simpsons Moments That Perfectly Captured Their Eras.
Onion (July 26): 12.
Online as: Inventory: 15 Simpsons Moments That Perfectly Captured Their Eras (July 23).

Cancer Vixen

Levy, Ariel. 2006.
Sick in the City [Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto].
New York Times Book Review (October 22).
online at

Shetty, Priya. 2007.
Too busy to have cancer? [Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto].
The Lancet 369 (9574; May 19): 1683-1684

The main list

Allen, Karl. 2005.
Watchmen and the Birth of Respect for the Graphic Novel.

Arrillaga, Pauline. 2005
Search for lost son behind cartoonist's anguished drawings [Jim Willoughby].
Associated Press (November 10).
Online at

Astor, Dave. 2007.
Toles, Telnaes, Luckovich, Others to Speak At Pre-AAEC Confab Event.
E and P Online (June 18):

Astor, David et. al. 2007.
Digital Test for 'Doonesbury' and Oliphant Cartoons.
E and P Online (August 6):

Astor, David et. al. 2007.
Editorial Cartoonist Drew Sheneman Starts Blog.
E and P Online (August 6):

Astor, David et. al. 2007.
Comics Publication May Return This Summer ['News Free Comics' (NSF)].
E and P Online (June 18)

Astor, David et. al. 2007.
Lio Cartoon Character Nabbed in Another Comic Strip.
E and P Online (June 18)

Astor, David et. al. 2005.
Cartoonist Does it All for Indiana Paper [Ron Rogers].
E and P Online (November 1)

Astor, David et. al. 2005.
Geyer, Horsey Among 'Global' Winners.
E and P Online (November 2)

Astor, Dave. 2005.
Some Papers Have Problems Pulling Obsolete 'Doonesbury' Strip.
E and P Online (November 14)

Austin, John (photographer). 2007.
Scenes From ComicCon 2007.
Wired's Underwire blog (July 26):

Capelouto, Susanna. 2007.
Comic Book Store Owner on Trial for Nude Images.
National Public Radio's Morning Edition (August 14).
Online at

Chun, Gary C.W. 2005.
Comic-book artist goes fishing for a sense of the islands [R. Kikuo Johnson].
Honolulu StarBulletin (November 14).
Online at

Dawson, Angela / Entertainment News Wire. 2007.
She's got star power: Claire Danes has a heaven-sent role in the fantasy 'Stardust'.
[Washington Post] Express (August 9): E11

Dixon, Glenn. 2007.
Ink and Mortar: David Macaulay.
[Washington Post] Express (June 29).
Online at

Dotinga, Randy. 2007.
It's Curious, George: Even Cartoons Aren't Safe From Censors [animation]. (July 31):

Dufour, Jeff and Patrick Gavin. 2007.
Yeas and Nays: Permanent Presence at The Palm - Mark Foley's here to stay [caricature].
Washington Examiner (August 9): 6.
Online at

Farhi, Paul. 2005.
Stan Berenstain's Honey-Coated Medicine.
Washington Post (December 1): C1

Faraci, Devin. 2006.
Exclusive Interview: Daniel Clowes (Art School Confidential).
Chud (May 4):

Flanagan, Mark. 2005.
Neil Gaiman Interview.
Your Guide to Literature: Contemporary (September 9):

Frisinger, Kerrie. 2006.
'Toon in: Will Alex Doonesbury choose to attend Cornell?
Ithaca Journal (May 23).
Online at

Futterman, Ellen. 2006.
Help choose our new comic strip.
St. Louis Post Dispatch (June 5)

Gant, Michael S. 2005.
A Better World: 'The World on Sunday' showcases the graphic triumphs of Joseph Pulitzer's Sunday 'World' of the early 1900s now all we get is 'Parade'.
Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper (November 2-8).
Online at

Gray, Kevin. 1990.
Chasing purloined panels: How the cartoon-theft case was cracked [Museum of Cartoon Art].
Gannett Westchester Newspapers (March 11)

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Interview with David Glanzer On San Diego Sell-Outs [Comicon convention].
ICv2 (July 30):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
First Second Has Prince of Persia, Plus Jordan Mechner Project.
ICv2 (July 9):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Dabel Brothers Move On Again; Marvel Keeps the Properties Still With Marvel.
ICv2 (August 15):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Papercutz Revives 'Classics Illustrated'In November.
ICv2 (July 18):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Interview with Matt Hawkins On 'The Darkness,' More [videogame based on comic book].
ICv2 (July 2):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Interview with Gene Luen Yang and Mark Siegel, On 'American Born Chinese' and Beyond.
ICv2 (June 29):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Mike Bailiff on ADV's New Releases - 'Loaded for Bear' [anime interview].
ICv2 (June 29):

Griepp, Milton and Tom Flinn (eds). 2007.
Interview with Dallas Middaugh - Manga Trends; Del Rey Plans.
ICv2 (August 7):

Jacobs, Fay. 2007.
CAMP safe - These comics aren't in the funny pages: State-funded program reaches out with superhero messages [sex education for gays].
Letters from CAMP Rehoboth 17 (10; July 27): cover, 46-47

Gumbrecht, Jamie. 2006.
Graphic novelists drawing a crowd: Genre's sales have jumped in recent years [women in comics].
Lexington Herald-Leader (April 18).
Online at

Jungwirth, Daniel. 2005.
Artist Goes Mad: Cartoonist earns a spot among 'Gang of Idiots' [Huw Evans].
StarPhoenix [Saskatoon] (November 10).
Online at

Kamiyama, Masuo. 2007.
Manga heroines 'Mountain Woman' and 'Wall Woman' help boob tube live up to its name.
Mainichi Daily News (August 4).
Online at

Kupfer, Alex. 2007.
Anything Can Happen in a Cartoon: Comic Strip Adaptations in the Early and Transitional Periods [to film].
University of California Los Angeles:

Kurtz, Scott. 2007.
My Open Letter to Bill Amend (And His Equals) [Foxtrot].
PvP Online blog (January 8):

Lamb, Chris. 2005.
Tribune's Folly is Cutting Cartoonists: Editorial cartoons are as irreverent as the Boston Tea Party and as American as the First Amendment. So the Tribune Co.'s cuts to its newspapers' editorial staffs aren't just bad for the newspaper industry, they're bad for America.
Media (November 29) :

Margolick, David. 1989.
Law: At The Bar; In Dick Tracy's latest caper, 'The Case of the Purloined Panels,' a law firm is embarrassed [Museum of Cartoon Art stolen comic strips].
New York Times (October 20)

Moore, Molly and Corinne Gavard. 2007.
A Taste of Whimsy Wows the French; Culinary Cartoon's Authenticity Spices Up U.S. Image [Ratatouille].
Washington Post (August 14): A9.
Online at

Moore, S. Clayton. 2005.
Eavesdropping At The Dream Factory: Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean in London.

Phegley, Kiel. 2007.
Jeff Parker Can't Lose: Agents of Atlas creator talks Virgin Comics, Darwyn Cooke and Alex Toth.
Wizard (January 3):

Ponseti, Bill. 2007.
Star Collector Bill Ponseti: Just When I Thought I Was Out...
Diamond Dialogue (August): 44-45

Reid, Calvin. 2007.
DC Invests in Japanese Manga Startup.
Publishers Weekly (June 15):

Reid, Calvin. 2007.
Yen Press to Launch with New Chmakova; Licenced Manga.
PW Comics Week (February 24):

Roper, Eric. 2005.
Gelman to add 300 graphic novels [to college library].
George Washington University Hatchet (October 17).

Rosen, Steven. 2005.
Strip show: Comics masterworks hitting art museums ['Masters of American Comics' exhibit].
Los Angeles Daily News (December 21).
Online at

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
Based on a fake story: Out of a nonexistent novel comes a comic riddled with humor [Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen comic book, writer Tom Peyer interview].
[Washington Post] Express (August 9): 19

Schudel, Matt. 2007.
Robin Olds; General Was Flying Ace In Two Wars [amateur cartoonist obituary].
Washington Post (June 18): B6

Sjoberg, Lore. 2006.
Comic-Con Goes Way Beyond Comics [San Diego Comicon]. (July 24):

Unknown. 2006.
Cross-ing Over with Oeming.
Scoop (June 30):

Unknown. 2006.
Captain Confederacy Moves To The Web. (January 17)

Unknown. 2007.
TV dramatization of 'Barefoot Gen'.
Yomiuri Shimbun (August 4).
Online at

Warmoth, Brian. 2006.
25 Anos Of Amor (And Rockets): Los Bros. Hernandez and Fantagraphics mark a quarter century of making comics their own way in Love and Rockets.
Wizard (December 15):

Waxman, Sharon. 2007.
Marvel Wants to Flex Its Own Heroic Muscles as a Moviemaker.
New York Times (June 18).
Online at

Weinberg, Anna. 2005.
Graphic Novelist Seth Talks About His Latest Creation, 'Wimbledon Green,' What He Learned from Charles Schulz and How He Speaks Through Comics
Book (November 1):

Williams, Genevieve. 2006.
Have your comics choices changed over time?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution's blog (May 17):

Wilson, Bill. 2007.
Comics business to cross Douglas; Agents of Comics stays in Delano, but moves to a much larger space [store]..
Wichita Eagle (June 15).
Online at

Wilton, Wendy. 2007.
Danziger misses mark on the facts, fishnets [letter].
Rutland Herald (January 28).
Online at

Wunder, Sue. 2007.
A 'classic' love of literature: For many kids, Classics Illustrated comics were a wonderful introduction to good books.
Christian Science Monitor (February 16).
Online at

Ylvisaker, Joel. 2007.
Michael Avon Oeming Talks Omega Flight, Red Sonja and More.
Comics News International (January 3):

CFA-APA fanzine

Roberts, Charlie. 1990.
Art Musings [Harvey Kurtzman interview].
CFA-APA fanzine (18; April 30)

Sim, Dave. 1990.
Comic Art News and Reviews: Harvey Kurtzman interview [from 1974].
CFA-APA fanzine (18; April 30): 2-3

Sim, Dave. 1990.
Comic Art News and Reviews: The Kurtzman magic.
CFA-APA fanzine (18; April 30): 6-7

Kurtzman, Harvey. 1990.
Comic Art News and Reviews: Kurtzman speaks [from 1974].
CFA-APA fanzine (18; April 30): 8

Leach, Bill. 1990.
[Crumb on Kurtzman interview].
CFA-APA fanzine (18; April 30)

Alex Toth

Unknown. 2006.
Comics artist Alex Toth dies at 77.
Associated Press (June 4)

Hevesi, Dennis. 2006.
Alex Toth, 77, Comic Book Artist and 'Space Ghost' Animator, Dies.
New York Times (June 6)

Unknown. 2006.
Comic book maverick dies at 77 [Alex Toth].
United Press International (June 5)

Tekkonkinkreet anime

Macias, Patrick. 2006.
'Animatrix' producer Michael Arias becomes the first foreign director to enter Japan's cult domain [Tekkonkinkreet, anime adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga 'Black and White'].
Japan Times (December 21).
Online at

Macias, Patrick. 2006.
Anime through an American eye [Tekkonkinkreet, anime adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga 'Black and White'].
Japan Times (December 21).
Online at

Schilling, Mark. 2006.
Outlander gazes into Showa's soul [Tekkonkinkreet, anime adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga 'Black and White'].
Japan Times (December 21).
Online at

Slutsky, Mark. 2007.
Marvellous metropolis: American director Michael Arias on cult attacks, the urban experience and his Japanese animated hit Tekkonkinkreet.
Montreal Mirror (July 5).
Online at

Oba, Tokiko. 2007.
Nippon cool: An astonishing anime that's gloriously Japanese, even in the hands of an American director [[Tekkonkinkreet, anime adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga 'Black and White'].
Malaysia Star (January 21).
Online at

Bergen, Andrez. 2006.
Meet the American genius behind Tekkon Kinkreet [anime].
Daily Yomiuri (December 23).
Online at
Also published as 'Welcome to Treasure Town: An American director is behind the exceptional Japanese anime film Tekkon Kinkreet.'
Malaysia Star (January 21, 2007)
Online at

Masters of American Comics exhibit

Kimmelman, Michael. 2006.
See You in the Funny Papers [Masters of American Comics exhibit].
New York Times (October 13).
Online at

Wecker, Menachem. 2006.
Whomping The Nazis [Masters of American Comics exhibit].
New York Press 19 (39).
online at

Goddard, Peter. 2006.
Krazy Kat to Peanuts late, great comic strips [Masters of American Comics exhibit].
Toronto Star (November 25).
Online at

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