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Updating the Comics Research Bibliography (7/20/07)

Arana, Marie. 2007.
Belle Yang, Woman Warrior [Chinese immigrant autobiography].
Washington Post Book World (July 1): BW09.
Online at
2802211.html and

Associated Press. 1956.
3 School Owners Deny They're Red; But Vocational Officials Plead 5th
Amendment on Past --McCarthy in Clash $215,523 in Payments [School of
Visual Arts; Burne Hogarth].
New York Times (January 19)

Associated Press. 2007.
Relish this 'Ratatouille' recipe.
Washington Examiner (July 9)

Associated Press. 2007.
'Simpsons' glam.
Washington Examiner (July 19): 29

Locke, Michelle / Associated Press. 2007.
Animated instruction: There's a chef behind the delicacies seen in
Pixar's 'Ratatouille'.
[Washington Post] Express (July 10): 34

Beauchamp, Monte. 1989.
Up from the Deep: An excerpt from the forthcoming (don't count on it)
Blab! interview with artist extraordinaire, Kim Deitch.
CFA-APA fanzine (15; June)

Schultz, Mark. 1989.
Al Williamson: An Appreciation.
CFA-APA fanzine (15; June)

Stout, William. 1989.
How I Inked 'The Demon' [for Jack Kirby].
CFA-APA fanzine (16; Fall)

Carey, Michael. 2007.
The Red Queen's Race.
Newsarama (June 22):

Davies-Stofka, Beth. 2007.
The Genius of Gipi.
Broken Frontier (June 25):

Gerberg, Mort. 1966.
The Fag Battalion [homosexual Army gag cartoons].
The Realist (September): 16-17.
online at

Gilbert, Scott A. 1995.
He Said to Tell You He Had a Real Good Time : Acme Novelty Library, v.
1-3 [Chris Ware].
The Comics Journal (174; February): 47-48

Grossman, Lev. 2007.
New Zip for the Old Strip [webcomics].
Time (April 2): 50-51.
Online (March 22) at,9171,1601831,00.html

Heater, Brian. 2007.
Interview: Tom Hart Pt 1 (v 2.0).
Daily Cross Hatch (July 3):

Heater, Brian. 2007.
Interview: The Return of Joe Matt Pt. 2.
Daily Cross Hatch (July 2):

Horsten, Toon and Wim Lockefeer (translator). 2007.
From our continental correspondent - Raymond Leblanc's nine lives [Belgium cartoonist interview].
Originally published in Belgium's Stripgids 2 (2).
Forbidden Planet blog (June 26):

Huslin, Anita. 2007.
D'oh! Bladensburg 7-Eleven Is Recast as a Kwik-E-Mart [Simpsons movie].
Washington Post (July 2): D2

Jean, Grace. 2007.
It's All in the Playing At NSO's 'Video Games Live' [animation].
Washington Post (July 2): C5

Kalman, Maira and Rick Meyerowitz. 2007.
Op-Art: Things We Love About America.
New York Times (July 4)

Krasny, Michael. 2007.
National Public Radio and KQED's Forum (June 19).
Online at

Lazo, Alejandro. 2007.
Striving for More Family Value: Six Flags Looks to Clean Up Its Parks
and Finances With a Focus on Fun for All Ages [Looney Tunes, DC Comics
theme park].
Washington Post (July 2): D1

Markey, Morris. 1940.
The comics and Little Willie: A father speaks his mind to some anxious
Liberty (August 24): 33-36

McConnell, Robin. 2007.
Eddie Campbell [interview].
Inkstuds (June 21):

McLean, Matthew. 2007.
Saurav Mohapatra: Cutting His Teeth at Virgin Comics [interview].
Silver Bullet Comic (June 11):

Mes, Tom. 2002.
Hayao Miyazaki.
Midnight Eye (January 7):

Moriarty, Erin. 2007.
Restaurant takes inspiration from the comics [Dagwood's Sandwich Shoppes
of 'Blondie' strip].
Atlanta Business Chronicle (June 29)

Musgrove, Mike. 2007.
An Inside Play to Sway Video Gamers [business, animation].
Washington Post (July 3)

O'Shea, Jim. 2007.
Jimmy Palmiotti Gets His Hands Dirty [interview]
Silver Bullet Comic (June 15):

Rhode, Michael. 2007.
John Lent's Comic Art Bibliographies - An Appreciation.
International Journal of Comic Art 9 (1; Spring )

Rhode, Michael. 2007.
Exhibition reviews: 'Enduring Outrage: Editorial Cartoons by Herblock,'
'Cartoon America: Highlights from the Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and
Caricature,' 'Simplicissimus and the Empire 1896-1914,' 'Masters of
American Cartoons,' 'Superheroes: Good and Evil in American Comics'.
International Journal of Comic Art 9 (1; Spring)

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
Intelligent Designer: Memory intertwines with philosophy in 'Three
[Washington Post] Express (June 21): E7 .
Online at

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
Mister Miracle: Jack Kirby's Fourth World [Paul Levitz].
[Washington Post] Express (June 27):

Sanneh, Kelefa. 2007.
Critics' Choice: New CDs - Class Of 3000: Music Volume One [animation
New York Times (July 2).
Online at

Slovick, Lyle. 2007.
George Y. Coffin: A Schoolboy's Life in 19th-Century Washington
[editorial cartoonist].
Washington History 18 (1&2): 98-119

Spurgeon, Tom. 2007.
CR Sunday Interview: Brett Warnock [of Top Shelf].
Comics Reporter (June 24):

Spurgeon, Tom. 2007.
CR Sunday Interview: Jeet Heer.
Comics Reporter (July 8):

Taylor, Robert. 2007.
Reflections: Talking With Peter David.
Comic Book Resources (January 14):

Taylor, Robert. 2007.
Reflections: Talking With Joshua Ortega.
Comic Book Resources (June 17):

Tobin, Suzanne. 2005.
Comics: Meet the Artist - Bill Griffith and James Sturm, Cartoonist and
Director, Center for Cartoon Studies. (December 9):

Toscana, Michael. 2007.
Video games brought to life [animation music].
Washington Post (June 29)

Tweeten, Lon. 2007.
Continuing the Magic: On the eve of the release of the final Harry
Potter book, we offer a few last-ditch ideas for keeping the series
alive [cartoon].
Time (May 21): 90

Unknown. 1968.
Student has fascinating hobby [comic book, strip and art collector Ethan
Daily Hampshire Gazette (May 7)

Unknown. 2007.
Star Collector - Chris Moore: Getting the Signature.
Diamond Dialogue (July): 44-45

Unknown. 2007.
From the Road Photo Report: Paris, France's Album Comics [store].
Diamond Dialogue (July): 54

Unknown. 2007.
Homer, sexual: Pagans vs. 'The Simpsons'.
[Washington Post] Express (July 18): 2

Wallenstein, Andrew. 2007.
'Lil' Bush' Downsizes the Presidency.
National Public Radio's Day to Day (June 13).
Online at

Ydstie, John. 2007.
Cartooning Bush and President Next [editorial cartoon exhibit review
with Rex Babin and Mikhaela Reid].
National Public Radio's Morning Edition (July 9).
Online at

Asian Cinema

Lent, John A. 2007.
The Transformation of Asian Animation: 1995-Present.
Asian Cinema (Spring / Summer): 105-137

Ka-nin, Kenny Chow. 2007.
Hong Kong Animation: The Uncanny Brush in Wuxia Film.
Asian Cinema (Spring / Summer): 138-149

Tianyi, Jin. 2007.
The Establishment and Maturation of the Chinese Cartoon School.
Asian Cinema (Spring / Summer): 150-159

Leung, Ann Y.Y. 2007.
Transformation from Comic to 2D, Then the 3D Approach; Character
Representation of Old Master Q.
Asian Cinema (Spring / Summer): 160-167

J.B. Handelsman

Skynner, Robin, John Cleese, and Bud (J.B.) Handelsman (illustrator).
Families and How to Survive Them.

Skynner, Robin, John Cleese, and Bud (J.B.) Handelsman (illustrator).
Life and How to Survive It.

Frost, David and J.B. Handelsman (illustrator). 1986.
The mid-Atlantic companion, or, How to misunderstand Americans as much
as they misunderstand us.
Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Fritz, Jean and J.B. Handelsman (illustrator). 1998.
Who's That Stepping on Plymouth Rock?
Putnam Juvenile

Fox, Margalit. 2007.
J.B. Handelsman, 85, New Yorker Cartoonist, Is Dead.
New York Times (June 26).
Online at

Robertson, Timothy. 2007.
J.B. Handelsman, 85, cartoonist and illustrator.
Newsday (June 24).
Online at

Doug Marlette

Bragg, Rick. 1998.
In 'Kudzu,' The South Learns About Itself [musical theater comedy by
Doug Marlette].
New York Times (June 18)

Unknown. 2007.
Cartoonist to speak at benefit [Doug Marlette].
Tulsa World (March 24).
Online at

Unknown. 2007.
Award-winning cartoonist shares experience at VCU [Doug Marlette].
Virginia Commonwealth University's Commonwealth Times (April 16).
Online at

Vance, Michael. 2007.
Suspended Animation - Even White Boys Get the Blues [Kudzu by Doug
Joplin Independent (March 2).
Online at

King, Mike. 2003.
Bold cartoonists don't draw a line, they cross it [Mike Luckovich, Doug
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (December 20)

Astor, Dave. 2006.
Marlette Says He's Joining 'Tulsa World' Partly Because It's
E and P Online (January 31)

Macklin, C.J. 2006.
Cartoon Clash: Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist discusses Middle East
riots, importance of exercising freedom of speech amidst controversy
[Doug Marlette].
Oklahoma Daily, Student Media at The University of Oklahoma (February
Online at

Marlette, Doug. 2006.
Them damn pictures: By caving in to fanatics over the Danish cartoons,
the West has shown that it is not only gutless but brainless.
Salon (February 24):

St. Onge, Peter. 2007.
Pulitzer-winning cartoonist killed in crash [Doug Marlette].
Charlotte Observer (July 10).
Online at

Unknown. 2006.
Cartoonist-author to visit library [Doug Marlette].
Charlotte News-Observer (October 16).
Online at

Dickey, Christopher / New York Times. 2006.
Review: Magic Time [By Doug Marlette].
International Herald Tribune (October 27).
Online at

Marlette, Doug. 2006.
Magic Time [novel].
New York: Farrar, Straus Giroux

Astor, Dave. 2006.
Second Novel for Cartoonist Doug Marlette.
E and P Online (August 24)

Unknown. 2006.
Tulsa World hires Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist [Doug Marlette].
Associated Press (January 30?).
Online at

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