Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Secret History of Comics: Carl Rose

My friend Warren has a theory that there's the popular history of comics - the Yellow Kid, newspaper funnies, Superman, Seduction of the Innocent, Batman tv show etc, etc and then there's another parallel history that's rarely glimpsed. Here's a look at that history.

Carl Rose did quite a few illustrations for this book - presumably it exists in hardcover so I'm only presenting a couple rather than destroying my copy. Nice work through, huh? And how many readers of this blog (all 10 of you) know anything about Rose? Obviously, he was big in his time, but now sadly forgotten.


richardcthompson said...

Well, he said it was spinach and he said to hell with it. But he was just quoting EB White.

And I think Warren's a smart guy.

Gary said...

I loved his work on "Book of Laughs." It was part of Random Houses best selling Beginner series for children (Dr. Seuss) during the end of the BOOMERS generation. To this day I see faces & unusual sneering noses that remind me of his adults in that book that were always looking down on & perplexed with children.