Friday, September 28, 2007

Seeing Redd - John Daniels's guest book review

The landmark sequel to the Looking Glass Wars will have the reader Seeing Redd.
By John L. Daniels Jr.

Seeing Redd
Writer: Frank Beddor
Publisher: Dial Penguin books
Artwork: Vance Kovacs (Front, Back cover, part 1 art)
Artwork: Steven Martiniere (Part 2 & 3 art)
Map design: Cold Open and Nate Barlow

While growing up, one may have a family member whom you may not get along with, or is not as sociable with the family. What if the family member was someone you trusted? The family member may be very close to your mother, so close as to be your mother’s sister, your Aunt.

Your Aunt is supposed to be the one who can take care of you in a time of need. Your Aunt is someone who can nurture you, guide you and even lend a helping hand in teaching. How disturbing would it be if she is the very one that wants you annihilated?

In this sequel to the Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Redd, now a New York Times best seller, is the must-read of the season. Read how a family member can be vengeful and compelling against her own niece.

In the first book the Looking Glass Wars, Alyss escaped from Wonderland with her bodyguard Hatter Madigan. Alyss returned to Wonderland to defeat her Aunt and banished her along with her assassin, The Cat, into the Heart Crystal.

In this sequel, the Aunt escapes the prison of the crystal maze within the Heart Crystal. Aunt Redd has the ultimate plan to recapture the throne of Wonderland. She has already killed Alyss’s loving parents and only Alyss remains of royal heirs to the throne besides Redd. If Aunt Redd can find Alyss, she'll carry out her sinister plan to kill Alyss and rule Wonderland once more as the last heir to the throne. Can Alyss keep control of her queendom along with her new bodyguard Homburg Molly? In addition, where is Hatter Madigan? He has not been seen anywhere in the surrounding lands of Wonderland.

Astonishing reading awaits with strong characterization, thrilling adventure, and mystery in this extraordinary tale of the battle of Wonderland.

This incredible book is written by Frank Beddor after the success of his first novel The Looking Glass Wars , also a best-selling book on the NY-Times bestseller list. Mr. Beddor also has written an award-winning comic book based on the novel: Hatter M by Desperado publishing and Image comics. What can this successful Hollywood producer possibly accomplish next?

I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Beddor at the launch of the comic Hatter M and The Looking Glass Wars. Check in soon for a new interview with a modern day genius about his new novel Seeing Redd.

The Battle for Wonderland, the assault of the Redd and the defending the power of White continues.

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