Monday, November 26, 2012

Why we bid - Cartoons & Cocktails results

101_4643 - Barbara Dale

A few days ago, we linked to Michael Cavna's article on the upcoming Cartoons & Cocktails charity editorial cartoon auction. (Their site is here).

In case anyone was wondering, here's a link to the art I won - all in the silent auctions where I bid first on people I know, then on local cartoonists, then on cartoons I like. I usually make about 50 bids (at a minimum of $25) so I wander around feeling nervous. And don't bid much on the live auction. But you can talk to cartoonists like Matt Wuerker and KAL who were running parts of the show this year. And Lynn Johnston stopped in briefly and signed my Team Cul de Sac book.

The art I won was:

It's Time We Clean House! Artley, Steven G
These People Here For The "Kiss Protest" Are Really Freaking Me Out… Jones, Clay
Norbert: I Never Noticed the Size of His Teeth Before Fett, George
Can You Please Play Ruffles and Flourishes Just for Me, and Does Anyone Know the Words? Ganz, Anne
Mitt's Way On The Highway Dale, Barbara
Wee Pals: What's Your View On Euthanasia, Guys? Turner, Morrie
Don't Blame Me… My Gun Only Bops People On the Schnoz! Jackson, Tim
Free Speech, Free Speech, Free Speech, Reason To Boycott Sutliff, Joe

Joe, Steve, Barbara, Clay and Anne are local to DC/Baltimore.The Fett and Turner pieces are comic strips - I didn't know Fett's work, but it was nice (he was big in Australia) and Morrie Turner's an early African-American cartoonist in the strip world, influenced and helped by Charles Schulz. Tim Jackson's take on a comic book villain was appealing.

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