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11/3: Meet the Creators of Supurbia at Third Eye Comics

Saturday 11/3/12
November to Remember Begins!
SUPURBIA #1 Release Party
Grace Randolph & Jerry and Penelope Gaylord
Signing From 11AM-1PM
Attend ALL 6 Of Our November to Remember In-Store Signing Events and Get a FREE VIP Pass for 1 Hour Early Admission to Our 12/22 Signing with 
Greetings Third Eye Faithful!

Well, by now, we're sure many of you have managed to get things cleaned up and put back together after Sandy, and we're totally pumped to let you know that we've got a big signing to wash away those nasty Hurricane memories! 

Starting this Saturday, we begin our NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER chain of events, which features a big in-store signing or event every Saturday leading up to our year-ending DEADPOOL X-MAS SPECIAL with comedian BRIAN POSEHN.

This Saturday, we'll give you your NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER card, and if you attend all 6 of our events beginning this Saturday, you can redeem your card for a special 1 hour early admission VIP pass to our DEADPOOL signing with Brian Posehn. This is a great way to beat the rush of what is sure to be the biggest in-store signing to hit Third Eye yet.

It all starts with our killer kick-off signing featuring the early release of Boom! Studios's SUPURBIA, and dude, we are pumped for this series!

This features a special Third Eye Exclusive cover, which FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES artists JERRY & PENELOPE GAYLORD did together for us.

Get the SUPURBIA #1 Third Eye Variant This Saturday & Get It Signed by Writer GRACE RANDOLPH ('s THE WATCHER video blog hostess) & JERRY AND PENELOPE GAYLORD (artists of FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES)

Meet the Husbands & Wives of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Folks, we're pretty pumped about this new series from BOOM, and this is why we chose SUPURBIA to be the kick-off of our killer NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER events.
Grace Randolph's slice-of-life superhero drama which captures the stories of the men and women behind the world's most powerful super-humans has us hooked, and we're really excited to turn you guys onto it. 

This comic uses superhero arch-types, like the Justice League and The Avengers, Superman and Batman, and more, to craft a compelling cast of unique characters and the story of what happens when the masks come off and they go home for the night.

With a focus on the husbands and wives of some of the world's mightiest heroes, this story tells all the sordid behind-the-scenes secrets that haunt the saviors of humanity. Who's unfaithful to their spouse? Who's living a lie? Whose wife used to be a super-villainess? Of course, there's a good, healthy dose of superhero action thrown in there for good measure, but it's the character development, and the stunning plot twists that make Supurbia such a blast to read.

The first issue of this cover features a special Third Eye Comics variant by FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES artists JERRY & PENELOPE GAYLORD, and they'll be here alongside Grace signing copies of the book. You can snag your own copy of the Third Eye variant for just $3.99 tomorrow at our Supurbia launch party!

Want more information on the event? Click here for the full scoop on Facebook.

Be One Of The First 15 In Line & Receive a Very Special FREE Gift!

You know we like to hook you guys up for showing up, and being awesome for our signings, so for the first lucky 15 Third Eye Faithful who're lined up for the doors opening at 11AM, we'll have a very special FREE gift exclusive to this event.

While we can't tell you what it is -- we will say that it's pretty darn neat. If you guys were here last Friday, you probably remember we gave out some pretty sick high end variants of BEDLAM from NEW YORK COMIC-CON, as well as some 1st printings of the Morning Glories trade paperback and other goodies!

Well trust us: you'll love what we've got for you this time as well! 

So, many of you guys may already know that we're hosting a HUGE year-ender signing with comedian and actor BRIAN POSEHN, who also just so happens to be the writer of the brand new DEADPOOL series for MARVEL NOW.

Due to the fact that this is a rare East Coast appearance for Brian, and the ONLY East Coast signing appearance he's making for DEADPOOL, we know that this is going to be a whopper. 

Fear not though, Third Eye Faithful, 'cause we want to make sure you guys all get plenty of time to meet Brian, and get all your stuff signed! 
Much like we did last year with our 6 WEEK HEART ATTACK leading up to our signing with G4TV's BLAIR BUTLER, we're going to be running a special promotion that allows you to earn a one-hour early admission VIP pass to get in early for our signing with Brian. 

You're probably asking right now: OK, so how do I do that? 

Starting this Saturday with our first signing with Grace Randolph & Jerry and Penelope Gaylord, we'll be giving out NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER cards which we'll be stamping the backs of for each of the 6 signings we have booked in November. 

If you attend all 6, which would fill your card, then you can redeem it at the last signing on 12/8 for a special VIP Early Admission Pass which will get you in one hour early for our signing with Brian Posehn on 12/22.

What's our schedule look like for NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER? You can either read on below, or click here to read more.

WEEK 4: 11/24 -- SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY feat. a Special Mystery Guest (details coming soon!) and a continuation of the awesome deals at our soon-to-be-announced BLACK FRIDAY 24 Hours of Awesomeness Sale!

So, join us tomorrow, Third Eye Faithful, for the start of an epic month of signings and fun! We've got a ton of cool stuff planned for you, and we cannot wait to turn you onto some great new books and introduce you to some awesome creators! 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's you guys who make our in-store events such a blast, and we really appreciate you participating to make these so much fun!
Third Eye Comics | 2027A WEST ST. | Annapolis | MD | 21401

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